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Kents Hill is the place for athletes who want more. More individual attention from dedicated coaches. More time to practice and play just steps away from your dorm and classrooms. More chances to explore what you love including art, drama, and music. What's your more?

Whether you are a varsity level athlete looking to compete in 20+ sports or looking to stay active in the mountains or on the trails, our athletic program has something for everyone. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature a private skiing and snowboarding facility, miles of trails for mountain biking and cross country running, one of the largest contiguous turf complexes in New England, and Alfond Athletics Center which features an NHL-size ice hockey rink.

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Nan Hambrose, CAA
Director of Athletics

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  • About Nan

    In your opinion, how do sports help build community?

    Sports are amazing avenues to build casual connections, friendships, and ultimately communities. Being a fan of sports or a particular sports team allows people to connect on a different level. Strangers can sit in an airport and quickly begin conversation while watching a game on tv or noticing a logo on someone's clothing. Sports provide a commonality between people that can build an instant connection. Sports allow us the opportunity to shed our political, religious, or sexual identities and just be fans. They allow people to come together and cheer on their team. 
    During times of great success, fans can be galvanized by wins and championships and in times of significant futility, those very same fans are united by their team's challenges. Our society has witnessed the community that sports can bring in the days after 9/11, after the Boston Marathon Bombing, and even during the COVID 19 pandemic, we are seeking comfort from the community that sports have afforded us in good times and in challenging times.

    What is your favorite sport to watch?

    My favorite sport to watch is women's lacrosse. As a basketball person, people may not believe this, but I could watch women's collegiate lacrosse all day. I love the history of the sport and that the game was once played of fields that were miles and miles long by Native Americans. To see women playing today with such speed, grace, and athleticism is truly a thing of beauty. I have had the opportunity to watch many NCAA Division I Final Fours and Championship games and have always left those games being so impressed by the young women who continue to elevate the game with their amazing skill and determination. As a fan of many sports - by watching lacrosse, it is easy to see how so many sports translate to others. Lacrosse has many similarities to basketball be it in terminology, positioning, or understanding angles. These similarities are some of the reasons I fell in love with lacrosse when I played it for the first time in college.

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