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Kents Hill First Robotics


Kents Hill School is honored to be one of well over 3,000 First Robotics teams. This will be our first year competing. We have recently expanded our technology and engineering department to include more tools and opportunities for our students to work with and learn from. With our new and improved technology department, we can learn and understand how robots work and how to build them.


What is First Robotics?

First Robotics is a program in which teams from schools across the world build robots and compete in a multitude of challenges, usually navigating through obstacle courses. First robotics held its first competition in 1992 with very limited teams, nowhere near the size it is today. Over the roughly 30 years the competition has grown from just a couple of teams to over 3,000 from 26 different countries around the world.

This is what a large First Robotics competition looks like.


How does the competition work?

Schools and organizations come together to form teams of students, this team then goes on to build, design, and program a robot with different tools and languages. These teams all bring their robot to a local competition. These competitions have different periods, the first is a period of time when the robot runs itself, autonomously, for roughly 30 seconds, then it, switches over to driver control, for 2 minutes 30 seconds. After, the round ends.