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Student Experience

Postgraduate Program

200 Years of Transformational Experiences

For close to 200 years, Kents Hill School has been committed to transforming the lives of young people. Our comprehensive, individualized postgraduate program embodies this promise for students seeking an additional year between high school and higher education. Postgraduates enroll with the goals of improving grades and test scores, taking college prep and Advanced Placement courses, maturing as scholar-athletes, and more.

What sets our program apart is a structured internship program where students have the freedom to explore and experience a number of professions. This intentional learning approach supports students in exploring their interests while building the confidence to succeed in higher education and beyond. 

Recent internship partners include:

  • Travis Mills Foundation
  • Belgrade Lakes Golf Club
  • Mitchell Tardy Jackson
  • Fayette Central School
  • Winthrop Police Department
  • SAGE Dining Services
  • Kents Hill School Athletics
  • and more! 
"I credit so much of my success in college to the postgraduate year that I spent at Kents Hill School. I gained independence, learned how to manage my time, honed my athletic aspirations, and experienced living away from home. I entered college confident that I was ready and prepared."

Why did Maine's top hockey players choose Kents Hill?

Hockey graduates: Locals taking next step at Kents Hill

KENTS HILL - The chance to play prep school hockey, so close to home, made the decision to attend Kents Hill School an easy one for Cam Wilson and Jackson Aldrich. Why more central Maine players don't take advantage of a similar opportunity is a bit more complicated.

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