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Kents Hill Fund

2016-17 Kents Hill Fund

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*Closes on June 30, 2017
The Kents Hill Fund supports students for whom a Kents Hill education would not be possible without financial aid. Your gifts are essential to ensuring the school’s mission that a Kents Hill education be available to all deserving students. It is because of our generous donors that Kents Hill has been able to establish a community of learners representing Maine, many states and countries, and a variety of ethnicities, cultures and demographics.

At Kents Hill, giving back is a core practice that we strive to cultivate in everything we do. Taken from the Greek philanthropia, philanthropy is defined as an altruistic (one of our core values!) concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, time or other forms of support.

Nearly 200 years ago Kents Hill was founded on the vision and generosity of church leaders and farsighted patrons. Their belief in what Kents Hill could be was the beginning of creating the school Kents Hill has become.  Every gift to the Kents Hill Fund continues that vision by enabling us to “educate our students in mind, body and spirit”.
Thank you so much for your generous support of the 2016-2017 Kents Hill Fund!

Apple Lane Foundation
Belle Vue Farm, LLC
Capital One Services LLC
Causecast Foundation
Dan and Sheryl Tishman Family Foundation, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
GE Foundation
Jim and Jamie McNulty Foundation
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Maine Community Foundation
Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust
Schwab Charitable Fund
Stephen J. Blatt, Architect
The Acorn Foundation
Wellington Management Company
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
William Bowden Estate

Mr. Harry Adler and Dr. Leslie Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Keiji Akasaka
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Akin
Mr. Jacob Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Alcaide
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Virgil Alfaro, III
Theodore B. Alfond '64 and Mrs. Barbara Alfond
Mr. Robert W. Allen '82 and Mrs. Jennifer Allen
Mrs. Cheryl G. Allen
Linda Smith Ames '58
Carollyn Flagg Anderson '49
Muriel E. Anderson '53 and Dr. Paul Anderson
Nancy Hasenfus '67 and Dr. Robert Anderson
Evans Arnold '72 and Mrs. Holly Arnold
Dr. Nicholas P. Asselin '96 and Mrs. Rachael Asselin
Stephen S. Ault '09
Carol Brodie Auriema '44
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Baggott
Elizabeth Bailey '46 and Mr. Albert Bailey
Mr. James Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker
Mr. Tom (Tuck) H. Barclay '72 and Lucy Norvell
Mr. Ceylon L. Barclay '58 and Dr. Irinay Barclay
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barden
Jean C. Barker '50
Charles R. Barr '46
Joaquim Darrel Barros '79 and Ms. Robin Williams Esq.
Cheryl J. Moody '86 and Mr. Christopher Barton
Robert A. Bashaw, III '66 and Mrs. Larue Bashaw
Dr. Cash Baxter and Dr. Betty Baxter
Elizabeth B. Beardsley '62 and Dr. William H. Beardsley
Bradley T. Beckman '78
Mr. Stephen Bell and Dr. Melissa Small, Ph.D.
Donald M. Bennert '66 and Mrs. Sandra Bennert
Susan Jacobs Benoit '74 and Mr. Timothy P. Benoit
Sarah Pirrotta Benoit '96 and Mr. Erik Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bergeron
Penny A. Bergeson '58 and Mr. David W. Bergeson
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bertuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Parker J. Beverage
Anna D. Bigelow '12
Mr. Gerald Bigelow
Dr. Philip Blazar and Ms. Nancy Ehrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor S. Bodman
Mr. and Mrs. Rist Bonnefond
Ms. Marlo Bonney
Philip H. Boulton '93 and Mrs. Mariuska Boulton
Brandon Bourgeois '12
Paul L. Bourget '71 and Mrs. Erika Bourget
William H. Bourret '58 and Mrs. Kathryn Bourret
Dr. Lawrence A. Boyle
Dr. Michael Brackett
Ms. Qing Brackett
Dr. William J. Brennan '70 and Mrs. Heather R. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bridge
Will Bridgeo '04
Mildred Bean Briggs '50 and Mr. Cranston A. Briggs
Mr. Scott M. Brooke '81 and Mrs. Carol Rapp Brooke
David Rush Brown '67 and Mrs. Allison Brown
Philip K. Brown '67 and Mrs. Beverly Brown
Sarah B. Brown '66 and Mr. Richard Brown
Mr. Georges Brown
Wayne E. Bryant '69 and Mrs. Judith Bryant
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Buch
Ms. Katie M. Bunten-Wren '05
Mr. Jacob Burke
Paul A. Burke Sr. '55 and Mrs. Anna Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Burke
Ms. Leanne Y. Burnham
Martha Nichols Burns '66 and Mr. Jim Burns
Richard M. Burston '42 and Mrs. Phoebe Hopkins Burston
Brian R. Burwell '62 and Mrs. Rose Mary Burwell
Ms. Lindsey Butterfield
Mr. Anthony W. Buxton '64 and Ms. Elizabeth Hoglund
David A. Cadarett '53 and Emily Boiley Cadarett '53
Mr. Patrick Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cantin
Mr. John Capen and Dr. Jocelyn Capen
Margaret Pettit Caplow '68
Ms. Lisa H. Carpenter '06
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Carrier
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Chabot
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chamberlin
Joseph Harrison Chapman '97 and Ms. Shirli Zelcer
James C. Chapman '03
Mr. and Mrs. O. Stuart Chase
Christopher S. Cheney
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chute
Dr. Kendra Emery '96 and Mr. Nicholas Citriglia
Richard G. Clark '64 and Mrs. Patricia Clark
Cynthia Perkins Clark '52
Thomas F. Clark '59 and Mrs. Irmin Clark
Victoria A. Clement '67 and Mr. Peter W. Clement
Mr. Robert Coakley and Mrs. Catherine Eaton-Coakley
LaVon Coate '62
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cobourn
Thaney E. Cockrell '11
Mr. Howard A. Coffin & Ms. Patricia R. Hatler
Lara M. Cole '09
Mrs. Patricia C. Colhoun
Ms. Nancy S. Colhoun
Mr. Ernest Colvin and Dr. Jill Colvin MD
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Congleton
Ms. Martha Conway-Cole
Kelli Sue Corrigan '91 and Ms. Dianna Schmidt
Ms. Connie Corrigan
Mr. James B. Cousens '55
John Knox Cowperthwaite, III '87 and Mrs. Linda S. Cowperthwaite
Matthew R. Crane '90 and Dr. Mary Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Crane
Jacob H. Crane '13
Mr. Graham C. Crippin '81 and Mrs. Michelle Crippin
Laurie J. Cummins '71 and Mr. Ray Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Christophe Currier
Douglas B. Dade '65
Josef D. Danilchuk '10
Bradford T. Darby '85 and Mrs. Courtney Darby
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Davidson
Daniel B. Davis '61
Joyce Haslam Day '47
Patrick R. De Armott '58 and Mrs. Linda De Armott
Porter Scott de Sieyes '69
Mr. Bryce DeBoer
Mr. Jeffrey B. DeHaven and Ms. Diane Chick
Mrs. Shirley Dennett
Elaine Albin Deysenroth '56 and Mr. Paul A. Deysenroth
Ms. Janet Diaz
Mr. Nicholas DiMola & Dr. Sally A. Cooper
Edward A. Dodge '55 and Mrs. Sylvia Dodge
Ms. Julie Atwood Drake
Ms. Carolyn Drucker
Shaelie A. Dumont '10
Mary A. Dunham '61
H. Edward Dunkelberger, III '81 and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Dunkelberger
Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn
Caroline H. Dunn '58
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duplessis
Dawn Ellis Durocher '78 and Mr. Paul R. Durocher
Wilbur S. Dyer '61 and Mrs. Marcia Dyer
Ms. Jeanne L. Lippman and Dr. E Charles Eckstein
Daniel E. Elder '78 and Ms. Pam Akerstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Ellis, III
Mr. Peter Wild Elmer '69 and Mrs. Katheryn Dole Elmer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Emery
Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Englehardt
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Erdreich
David H. Faile, Jr. '63 and Mrs. Edith Faile
Sebastian Fajardo Turner '16
Mr. Jian Fang and Ms. Jian Zhou
Lauren M. Farnsworth '12
Janet M. Favor '59
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Fay
Bruce Fay '87 and Mrs. Kerry Graves Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Feeney
Casey-Rae Feeney '10
Mr. and Mrs. Len Ficaro
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fifield
Ms. Susan Fish
Robert D. Fisher, Jr. '50 and Mrs. Linda Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Fitts
Adele C. Forman '59 and Mr. James Forman
William Drury Forrest '78 and Ms. Nancie Julian
Jose A. Fossas '76
Samual K. Foster '01
Mr. Stephen Frampton and Ms. Lisbeth Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frost
Mr. Qiang Fu '03
Theodore L. Fucillo '64
Greg A. Galeota '85 and Kristine Maurice Galeota '85
Ms. Lucy H. Galeota '17
Ms. Marcia Gallagher
Nancy A. Gardner '57 and Mr. Thomas G. Gardner
Robert A. Garr '88
Ms. Dana Garrett and Mr. Dave Butz
Donald Lovejoy Gatti '53 and Mrs. Dorle Gatti
Herbert B. Gengler, Jr. '68
Ms. Debra Gesimondo
Mr. Christopher S. Gibson and Ms. Mary Hiers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillentine
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Gilmore, Jr.
Nicole Givens Ginsburg '87 and Mr. Bradley P. Ginsburg
Ms. Kristy Glasheen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Godfrey
Dr. and Mrs. Marc S. Golden
Peter L. Goldsmith '63 and Mrs. Catherine Goldsmith
Ms. Sherri Gorelick
Martha Peterson Gouin '59
Dr. Norman J. Gould '56 and Mrs. Marilyn Spanier Gould
Constance E. Grant '65 and Mr. Daniel T. Grant
Christopher Greenwood '88
Bennett Healey Guerette '06 and Mrs. Kristin Guerette
Laura T. Gutman '55 and Dr. Robert A. Gutman
John M. Haas, Jr. '84 and Mrs. Sheryl Haas
Barbara Hall
Mr. Stephen B. Hammond
Kevin Michael Haney '01 and Mrs. Ashley Morrison Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannon
James R. Hansen '81 and Mrs. Ann Hansen
Pamela Jordan Hanson '69 and Mr. Joseph W. Hanson, Jr.
Ann L. Harbert Skoog '88
Stuart B. Harnden '62 and Mrs. Denise L. Harnden
Judith Harris '59 and Dr. Craig A. Harris
Mr. Fred W. Harrison
Richard O. Hartman '47
Thomas A. Hauck '61 and Mrs. Judith Hauck
Peter D. Hay '56 and Mrs. Nancy Hay
Mrs. Deborah Hayes
Yunru He '10
John H. Hewes '58 and Mrs. Patricia Hewes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hicks
Katie J. Hill '12
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hill
Mr. Peter Daniel Hodgin and Ms. Karina Escajeda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Hoffberger
Charles C. A. Hoffberger '05
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hoffmann, Sr.
Charles A. Holden Jr. '63 and Mrs. Kathleen Holden
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Holling
Natasha Holmes '96
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Holt
David Houghton '98 and Elizabeth Hatch Houghton '97
Mr. and Mrs. Harold N. Howard
Linda Albin Hoyt '59
Ms. Maria Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Huggins, III
Charles B. Irish '66 and Mrs. Christine Irish
David J. Irwin '64 and Mrs. Millie Irwin
Jawad Abdulrahman Issa '01
Susan Crosby Jacques '44
Hope E. Jahn '64
Col. John J. Jansen '80 and Mrs. Rae Lynn Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Jenkins
Amy Margaret Jennings '05
Douglas F. Jennings '04
Ms. Mary Purrington Jernigan
Mr. Yiwei Jiang and Ms. Yingyan Zhi
Mr. Chengxiu Jin and Ms. Tong Su
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Johnson
Alec T. Johnston '06
Richard T. Jordan '57 and Ms. Joan Robinson
Adam D. Jorjorian '00 and Ms. Yvonne Archer
Mr. and Mrs. Ryuji Kaneko
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Karp
Melissa E. Kearney '81
Ryan M. Keating '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Keating
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Keeley
Barbara Hutchins Kelley '60 and Mr. David P. Kelley
Ms. Kathleen M. Kelly
Sherry L. Kelly '67 and Mr. Robert Kelly
Diane Kennedy '66 and Mr. John Kennedy
Mr. John Kenny and Ms. Mary Beth Hogan
Charlotte J. Killam '63
Luke L. Knisley '15
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Konopasek
Mr. Ron Kreisman and Ms. Roberta deAraujo
Luke G. Lachance '72 and Mrs. Linda Manning LaChance
Mary Bowne Ladue '70
Eva Melanie Lanctot '67
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lane, III
Angela C. Laptewicz '99
Lesley Bartholomew Larson '61
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lastowski
Zachary D. Leach '07
Ms. Stella Leach
Lauren M. Lessard '13
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner L. Lewis
Laurel E. Leyden '10
Ms. Alison Lincoln-Rich and Mr. Todd Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lindquist
Mr. William G. Lindquist
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Link
Tracy Silver Lloyd '85 and Mr. Todd R Lloyd
Julia C. Longcope '56 and Mr. Christopher Longcope
Mark C. Longley '67 and Mrs. Peggy Longley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lowery
Stella D. Lydon '63 and Mr. Patrick S. Lydon
William F. Lynch '53
Mr. and Mrs. Eric MacCarthy
Alexandra Schewe MacCheyne '89 and Mr. Scott MacCheyne
Thaddeus T. Macy '66 and Mrs. K. Sue Macy
Mr. Steven Madison
Elena A. Mandzhukova '11
Nancy M. Marbury '57 and Mr. Luke Marbury
Mr. Thomas Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Marston
Trisha Abramson Mason '95 and Mr. Peter Mason
JoAnn K. Mason '08
Jane Stowell Mason '63
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew May
David L. Mayo '59
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McAdam
Molly T. M. McAleer '14
Ellen Blatchford McDermott '80 and Mr. David B. McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. McInerney M.Ed.
Christopher J. McInerney '02
Esther Hatch McKay '99 and Mr. Robert McKay
Dorothy J. Macomber '71 and Mr. Roger McLellan
Dr. and Mrs. William C. McMaster
Mr. and Mrs. William McNamara
Mr. James J. McNulty and Ms. Jamie Thorsen
Mary Farnham Meadows '67 and Mr. Rufus W. Meadows, Jr.
Mr. Scott A. Meiklejohn
Dr. Stephen J. Meister and Dr. Dervilla McCann
Mary Howes Merrick '60 and Mr. Thomas B. Merrick
Mr. Bruce Meyer and Dr. Carter Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Michaud
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Miller
Timothy S. Mills '76 and Mrs. Donna Mills
Ms. Suzan J. Mitchell
Mr. Jacob Henry Mitchell '06 and Ms. Lilia Bottino
Rachel Mitchell '11
Mary Beth Clark Mollica '67 and Mr. Salvatore J. Mollica
Curtis D. Moore '59 and Mrs. Beverly Moore
Holly Morrison '74
Nathan E. Moss '01
Alistair I. Moussa '10
Mr. David Muniec and Ms. Cynthia Ahlstrin
Cmdr. Jeffrey J. Munson and Rev. Dr. Karen Munson
Mr. John H. Munson
Mrs. Debora J. Murphy
Brenda Alfond Myers '66
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nanof
Philip H. Naumburg '70 and Mrs. Ada Naumburg
Althea Dolloff Neal '55
Dr. Elizabeth Neale '66
Margaret Reeder Needham '53
Ms. Alicia Nichols
Ms. Colleen Norgang
William Northrop, III '66 and Mrs. Carol Northrop
Richard D. O'Connor '64 and Joanne Bass O'Connor '64
Jake O'Hara '17
Barbara McGown Oldenburg '44
Mr. and Ms. James Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. George Oulundsen, III
Dr. Mercy Palamuleni '04
Yaroslav A. Pan '00
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Parent
Judith L. Parker '61
Frederica Parker and Mr. R. T. Parker
Gordon M. Parker '72
Charles W. Parsons '63 and Mrs. Karen Schmidt Parsons
Annette Dodge Peabody '52
Martha Cahn Pellegrino '75
Mrs. Erika Penczer
Patricia Perkins '62
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Perkins
Michael J. Perry '70 and Ms. Christine Wolfe
Francina Hill Pessel '48 and Mr. Thomas Pessel
Mr. Bradford Petit '73 and Mrs. Jackie Petit
Ms. Katie Petrillo
Mr. Douglas B. Phillips
Mr. Nathaniel S. Phinney
Matthew J. Picard '04
Ms. Alecia E. Pickett and Ms. Emilie K. Arseneault
Timothy A. Pilczak '06
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Plavin
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Poole
Evelyn Adell Potter '47
Lorin F. Potter '46
Susan Allen Potter '58
Ms. Brittany Prescott
Dr. Benjamin Priest
Mr. Stephan Prinz zur Lippe
Mrs. Maria Prinz zur Lippe
Mr. Brad Prunty and Mr. Tony Russo
Anna T. Purrington '00
Ms. Lori J. Putnam
Mr. Chunlei Qiu and Ms. Pei Lu
George P. Quackenbos '60
Heath Ramsdell
Jonathan C. Rand '74 and Margaret Parker Rand '74
Holly Dumaine Randall '81and Mr. Jeffrey W. Randall
James A. Rapaport '50 and Mrs. Wendy Rapaport
Dean S. Read '65 and Mrs. Penny Read
Helen S. Reed '70
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Reynolds
David W. Rhodes '69 and Ms. Diane Tabakman
Ruth E. Rice '52
Susan G. Rich '70 and Mr. C. Matthew Rich
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Richardson
Ms. Tammi Ridlon
January Severn Righter '83 and Mr. A. Scott Righter
Dr. and Mrs. James Rines
Susan C. Amorosi '72 and Mr. William J. Roberds
Lt. Nyssa A.S. Robinson '05
Jan Rodonets '65 and Mr. Brian Rodonets
Marie Rodriguez RN
Rev. John S. Rogers '56 and Mrs. Judy Fry Rogers
Alessandra D. Rohde '06
Kevin M. Rooney '66
Mr. Hugo Rosales Sr. and Ms. Lilliana Cruz
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Roth, Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer Seymour Rothman '88 and Mr. Richard Rothman
Mr. James Rourke and Ms. Karen Cumbo
Andrea B. Rowley '69
Franklin A. Russell '68 and Ms. Robyn Kremer
Bonnie E. Russell '67
Ms. Jean B. Russo
Mr. John L. Sala and Ms. Shelley Ames
Christine Grover Sammons '68 and Mr. Dennis Sammons
William B. Scarborough, Jr. '72
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry N. Scates
Derek N. Scates '96
Brad D. Schloss '90
Martha Bibber Schmidt '67 and Mr. Paul Schmidt
Meredith Barnes Schwarz '74 and Mr. Richard J. Barnes Schwarz
Sally M. Scott '61
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Seal '05
A. William Seepe '60 and Mrs. Sarah Seepe
John J. Sexton '65 and Hon. Jane Sexton '66
R. Michael Seymour, M.D. '55 and Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. James Shappell
Ted M. Sherman '66 and Mrs. Susan S. Sherman
Jessica L. Shoemaker '06
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shukie
Mrs. Jean S. Sickels
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Siefken
Kenneth Silk '89 and Mrs. Sandi Silk
Brendan Simonson '10
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Simonson
Marie Cullum Slade '63
Beverly Wight Smith '48
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith
The Honorable John R. McKernan and The Honorable Olympia J. Snowe
Mr. Jed C. Snyder '72
Carlos Soler Martin '18
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Sommerhof, III
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Souther
Mr. and Mrs. H. William Sowles
Ford Spalding '62 and Mrs. Chip Spalding
Elliott C. Speers '57 and Mrs. Anne Frey Speers
Kristin Klein Spindel '89 and Mr. Shawn P. Spindel
Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Sprague Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stevens, III
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stewart
Mr. Bjarne Stigsby and Ms. Maria Falck Stigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stinson
Ms. Tamara Stockwell
Mr. Kyle Stockwell
Fredric V. Stone '55 and Marcia Birkenwald Stone '55
Robert A. Stone '82
Lynne Bannister Strasenburgh '74
Keith B. Stuart '85
David R. Sutton '78 and Mrs. Kathey Sutton
Robert H. Sween '56 and Mrs. Deborah Sween
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sweet
Roberta Lane Swift '45
Kinsley Sykes '75 and Mrs. Kirsten Sykes
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Symes
Mr. and Mrs. Masaya Takahashi
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tarrio
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Temkin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Thayer
Brooke J. Thomas '89
Catherine Dunlap Thorpe '56 and Mr. Robert Thorpe
Betsey Timm '71
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Tishman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tomson
Edward Toomey, Jr. '90 and Mrs. Michele Toomey
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Utter
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Valade
Ms. Tannetta Fentener van Vlissingen
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Vandenberg
Nancy R. Varga '58 and Mr. George Varga
Ms. Veronica Vasquez Zamora
Samuel A. VerPlanck '00 and Mrs. Crystal VerPlanck
Mrs. Friederike C. Vollenberg '01
Emily A. von Klemperer '00 and Mr. Michael von Klemperer
Irene Wadleigh '55 and Mr. Charles E. Wadleigh
Andrew S. Walbert '88
Alexander J. Wall, IV '95 and Ms. Marie Kent
Joseph R. Walsh, Jr. '74 and Mrs. Victoria Walsh
James Francis Walsh, Jr. '82 and Mrs. Terri Walsh
Rachel Courtney '73 and Mr. Kieron D. Walsh
Mr. Luke Wamboldt
Mrs. Yumei Wan and Mr. Shaojun Zhong
Bradford B. Warren, Jr. '80 and Mrs. Susan Warren
Cora L. Waterman '07
Peter Weeks '65 and Mrs. Barbara Weeks
Mr. Christopher A. Weeks '84
Dr. Alane O'Connor '92 and Mr. Kevin Wellenius
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Westphal
Elizabeth Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Wheelden
Mr. Sheldon W. Wheeler and Ms. Shannon Gifford
Mrs. Maureen Whitestone
Edward D. Wilder '82 and Mrs. Annette Wilder
Marilyn R. Wilkinson '45
Daniel R. Williams '10
Pamela Webster '62 and Mr. David H. Webster
Guy G. Williams '68 and Mrs. Annie Rose Williams
Ms. Amy Melissa Wing and Mr. Michael Harris
Mike Todd Wing '02 and Mrs. Jennifer Arno Wing
Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Winter
Elizabeth Firestone Wippman '79 and Mr. Tom D. Wippman
Luise Margarete Christine Wittich '18
Lawrence M. Wolman '72 and Mrs. Nilda Wolman
Caroline W. Wood '53 and Mr. David L. Wood
James A. Wright '83 and Mrs. Mary Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wright
Carol Hasenfus Yadeta '65
Mr. Fujin Yan and Ms. Fang Li
Mr. Biao Yan and Ms. Tong Tong
Mrs. Li Yaru
Ms. Ji Hyun Yoo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Young
Herbert A. Young '48 and Mrs. Charlotte Young
Suzanne T. Young '70 and Mr. William M. Young
Mr. Guofeng Zhang and Ms. Li Jiang
Founded in 1824, Kents Hill School is a co-ed college preparatory boarding school for boys and girls grades 9-12 located in central Maine.