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Kents Hill Fund

2017-18 Kents Hill Fund

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*Closed on June 30, 2018
The Kents Hill Fund supports students for whom a Kents Hill education would not be possible without financial aid. Your gifts are essential to ensuring the school’s mission that a Kents Hill education be available to all deserving students. It is because of our generous donors that Kents Hill has been able to establish a community of learners representing Maine, many states and countries, and a variety of ethnicities, cultures and demographics.

At Kents Hill, giving back is a core practice that we strive to cultivate in everything we do. Taken from the Greek philanthropia, philanthropy is defined as an altruistic (one of our core values!) concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, time or other forms of support.

Nearly 200 years ago Kents Hill was founded on the vision and generosity of church leaders and farsighted patrons. Their belief in what Kents Hill could be was the beginning of creating the school Kents Hill has become.  Every gift to the Kents Hill Fund continues that vision by enabling us to “educate our students in mind, body and spirit”.
Thank you so much for your generous support of the 2017-18 Kents Hill Fund!

The Kula Foundation
William Farwell Trust
William Bowden Estate
Maine Community Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Texas Instruments Foundation
Reed Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Albert
Mr. Jacob Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Alcaide
Mrs. Cheryl G. Allen
Linda Smith Ames '58
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Aronson
Carol Brodie Auriema '44
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker
Mr. James Baker
Robert Bartholomew '58 and Judith Saunders Bartholomew '57
Robert A. Bashaw, III '66 and Mrs. Larue Bashaw
Mr. Stephen Bell and Dr. Melissa Small, Ph.D.
Joshua J. Bell '16
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Birtwell
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor S. Bodman
Ms. Marlo Bonney
Philip H. Boulton '93 and Mrs. Mariuska Boulton
Paul L. Bourget '71 and Mrs. Erika Bourget
William H. Bourret '58 and Mrs. Kathryn Bourret
Dr. Michael Brackett
Ms. Qing Brackett
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bridge
Wayne E. Bryant '69 and Mrs. Judith Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Burke
Mr. Jacob Burke
Mr. Patrick Cain
Mr. Timothy Carr and Ms. Veronica Vasquez Zamora
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Carrier
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chute
Richard G. Clark '64 and Mrs. Patricia Clark
Lara M. Cole '09
Mr. Ernest Colvin and Dr. Jill Colvin MD
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Congleton
Kelli Sue Corrigan '91 and Ms. Dianna Schmidt
Matthew R. Crane '90 and Dr. Mary Sheridan
Graham C. Crippin '81 and Mrs. Michelle Crippin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Croasdale
Mr. and Mrs. Christophe Currier
Douglas B. Dade '65
Bradford T. Darby '85 and Mrs. Courtney Darby
Patrick R. De Armott '58 and Mrs. Linda De Armott
Mr. Bryce DeBoer
Joyce P. Dexter '60
William H. Dunham, Jr. '59 and Mrs. Deborah L. Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duplessis
Wilbur S. Dyer '61 and Mrs. Marcia Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Ellis, III
Dr. Kendra Emery '96 and Mr. Nicholas Citriglia
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feeney
Hon. Joseph H. Field & Mrs. Georgina D. Field
Ms. Susan Fish
Mrs. Diane Folks
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fordyce
Paul S. Freed '73 and Ms. Barbara Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Friedman
Theodore L. Fucillo '64
Nancy A. Gardner '57 and Mr. Thomas G. Gardner
Ms. Kristy Glasheen
Joshua J. Goellner '08 and Ms. Hannah Free
Martha Peterson Gouin '59
Bennett Healey Guerette '06 and Mrs. Kristin Guerette
Kevin Michael Haney '01 and Mrs. Ashley Morrison Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannon
Pamela Jordan Hanson '69 and Mr. Joseph W. Hanson, Jr.
Peter D. Hay '56 and Mrs. Nancy Hay
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Heneghan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hill
Mr. Peter Daniel Hodgin and Ms. Karina Escajeda
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hoffmann, Sr.
Ms. Maria Hoyt
Jawad Abdulrahman Issa '01
Susan Crosby Jacques '44
Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Jenkins
Mrs. Lindsey Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ryuji Kaneko
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Keeley
Sherry L. Kelly '67 and Mr. Robert Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lane, III
Ms. Alison Lincoln-Rich and Mr. Todd Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lindquist
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Link
Peter A. Lucchesi '07
Elena A. Mandzhukova '11
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Marston
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew May
David L. Mayo '59
Christopher J. McInerney '02
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. McInerney M.Ed.
Mr. Scott A. Meiklejohn
Mary E. Merrick '60 and Mr. Thomas Merrick
Jacob Henry Mitchell '06 and Ms. Lilia Bottino
Mary Beth Mollica '67 and Mr. Salvatore Mollica
Mr. and Mrs. David Moreau
Nathan E. Moss '01
Cmdr. Jeffrey J. Munson and Rev. Dr. Karen Munson
Dr. Logan Y. Murray '87 and Mrs. Mary MacDonald-Murray
Brenda Alfond Myers '66
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nanof
Dr. Alane Bass O'Connor '92 and Mr. Kevin Wellenius
Mr. and Ms. James Olsen
Ms. Lauren Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. George Oulundsen, III
Frederica Parker '66 and Mr. R. Thomas Parker
Martha Cahn Pellegrino '75
Mrs. Erika Penczer
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Perkins
Francina Hill Pessel '48 and Mr. Thomas Pessel
Roy L. Peterson '49 and Mrs. Beverly Peterson
Ms. Katie Petrillo
Ms. Alecia E. Pickett and Ms. Emilie K. Arseneault
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Poole
Ms. Brittany Prescott
Dr. Benjamin Priest
Ms. Lori J. Putnam
George P. Quackenbos '60
Helen S. Reed '70
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Reynolds
Ms. Tammi Ridlon
Marie Rodriguez RN
Mr. James Rourke and Ms. Karen Cumbo
Lauren Epstein Rubin '80 and Mr. Mark H. Rubin
Mr. William G. Sayres
A. William Seepe '60 and Mrs. Sarah Seepe
Matthew Kirk Seney '95 and Mrs. Jennifer P. Seney
R. Michael Seymour, M.D. '55 and Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shukie
Mrs. Jean S. Sickels
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Smith
Mr. Kim Shing So and Ms. Shuk Ying Fu
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Souther
Mr. and Mrs. Bill W. Sprague Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stalnaker
Douglas W. Stinson '84 and Mrs. Claire Stinson
Ms. Tamara Stockwell
Mr. Kyle Stockwell
Robert A. Stone '82
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Symes
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tarrio
Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Temkin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Vandenberg
Mr. Luke Wamboldt
Mr. and Mrs. Xianggui Wang
Khalil J. A. Webb '15
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Wheelden
Mrs. Maureen Whitestone
James A. Wright '83 and Mrs. Mary Wright
Holly Taylor Young '67 and Dr. Dick Young
Suzanne T. Young '70 and Mr. William M. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Young
Mrs. Lili Zhang
Founded in 1824, Kents Hill School is a co-ed college preparatory boarding school for boys and girls grades 9-12 located in central Maine.