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Top Tips for Preparing for Your Admissions Interview

Top Tips for an Admissions Interview

Interviewing for a new school can produce anxiety, but learning about the process beforehand can help to ease your nerves. In an effort to make the experience of joining Kents Hill School as seamless as possible, we’ve assembled a list of tips to help you do just that.

Be Yourself

At Kents Hill, our Admissions team believes in getting to know the real you. Alison Lincoln-Rich, our Dean of Enrollment Management and Director of Financial Aid says it best. “There is nothing a student should avoid. The best interviews provide a transparent conversation where both parties feel at ease to share the struggles and successes that have led them to consider Kents Hill.”

Know That You Are Safe 

We are all about finding the right fit for you and that takes trust. Lincoln-Rich says, “My process is to create a safe environment where students feel comfortable sharing their strengths and weaknesses along with their hopes and needs in their next school. I ask a series of questions and respond with information about how Kents Hill can help them thrive and grow as they complete their high school journey.” 
She continues, “I believe in meeting a student where they are and taking them where they want to go. The synergy that grows a strong community is when a student is able to recognize their progress and goals and also wants to be a good community member. This allows for personal and communal growth, and helps the Kents Hill community be better together.

It’s Okay to be Nervous

If this is your first school interview, you are not alone! “For many students, this is the first time they have had an interview. I would encourage them to be open-minded, think of what they need and how they can impact others through their community involvement,” says Lincoln-Rich.  

Understand Our Criteria

There is no true list of criteria that each student must fulfill while on their Kents Hill Admissions journey, but we have found that certain commonalities exist in our community. Our Huskies are: 

1. Open-minded with a  desire to try new things.

2. Looking to build connections with faculty and peers.

3. Focused on discovering themselves and finding their voice, and then looking to how they can become a strong community member both here at Kents Hill and in their home community. 

Break Down the Basics

Knowledge is power. If you are unsure about the steps that are a part of the Kents Hill Admissions journey, here they are! The first step is completing the inquiry form at which point (as of October 1, 2021) you can schedule a tour and interview right on our website. Until then, please expect a friendly call from one of our team members. Upon arrival at Bearce Hall for a tour and interview, families are met by an Admissions team member and connected with a student tour guide. The tour of campus takes about 40-60 minutes, which allows families the opportunity to ask questions of the tour guide along the way. Once the tour is complete, families return to Bearce Hall. Candidates then meet with an Admissions team member for the interview, followed by the parents meeting with the Admissions Team member. Coaches and other faculty members may drop in to have conversations with candidates during this time as well. Overall, families should plan to be on campus for two hours.

Bonus Points!

Our candidates impress us every day, but there are certain things that really knock our socks off. For instance, we love hearing from students who have faced adversity, learned from it, and are ready to help others on their journey. We also champion team players. Lincoln-Rich says she is blown away by “Selflessness, a drive to grow and succeed academically and be a team player, and most importantly being part of a community that cares and sees people for who they are not who society thinks they should be.”
Feeling better prepared? Connect with our Admissions team today to get started! 

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