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Winter Athletic Awards Celebration 2022-2023

Winter Athletic Awards Celebration 2022-2023

Our community gathered in the Bodman Performing Arts Center on March 1, 2023, to celebrate a wonderful winter season.

Head of School, Christopher Cheney closed his opening remarks by addressing our student-athletes directly, “Hopefully you made some life-long friendships because that is what it is really all about.”

Rebeca Kimball, Director of Athletics kicked off the assembly by recognizing the following, “12 weeks of a season, 72 practices, 20 - 30 scheduled contests, over 110 athletes, 16 coaches, 2 MAISAD Championships,1 HOLT semifinalist, 1 MPA semifinalist, and 2 Mcdonalds All Stars, multiple league honors, and 5 senior celebrations. That’s a lot in one season.”

You can watch the full awards ceremony here and check out the gallery of images here.


Varsity Alpine Skiing

Most Improved Award: 

Boys - Dan P. ’25

Girls - Megan M. ’24

Most Valuable Award: 

Boys - Scott T. ’23

Girls - Josie H. ’23

Coaches Award: 

Boys - Max M. ’24

Girls - Sarah G. ’25 

MAISAD All-League Selections:

Boys: Scott T. ’23, Finn S.C. ’23, Eli R. ’24, Gavin R. ’26

Girls: Josie H. ’23, Mya J. ’25, Margaret S. ’23

NEPSAC All-League Selections: 

Boys- Scott T. ’23,  Finn S.C. ’23

NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: 

Boys - Gavin R. ’26, Eli R. ’24


MAISAD Champions - Boys 

MAISAD League Champion for Boys- (Scott T. ’23)

NEPSAC Championships - Boys 3rd Place 


Varsity Girls Hockey

Most Improved Award: Ali M. ’23

Most Valuable Award: Kaylyn B. ’25

Coaches Award: Clara-Eve L. ’23

League Record: 0-17-2

Overall Record: 3-18-2


Varsity Boys Hockey

Most Improved Award: Theo D. ’23

Most Valuable Award: Ryan R. ’23

Coaches Award: Ernest I. ’23

League Record: TBD

Overall Record: 12-19


JV Boys Hockey 

Most Improved Award: Chance F .’23

Most Valuable Award: Renaud G. ’25

Coaches Award: Felix B. ’24


League Record:

Overall Record: 


Varsity Boys Basketball

Most Improved Award: Joey P. ’23

Most Valuable Award: Amaan S. ’24

Coaches Award: Garrison M. ’23


MAISAD All-League Selections: Amaan S. ’24 and Garrison M. ’23


League Record: 7-8

Overall Record: 8-12


Varsity Girls Basketball 

Most Improved Award: Phoebe S. ’23

Most Valuable Award: Rose J. ’23

Coaches Award: Naomi M. ’23


MVC Awards: 

  • 1st Team All-Conference: Logan M. ’23 & Rose J. ’23

  • 2nd Team All-Conference: Regina S. ’23

  • Honorable Mention: Naomi M. ’23, Phoebe S. ’23

McDonald’s All-Stars: Logan M. ’23,  Rose J. ’23 


League Record:

Overall Record:

Semifinalist for MPA Class C South Tournament 


JV Boys Basketball

Most Improved Award: Norris A. ’24

Most Valuable Award: Dani V. ’25

Coaches Award: Will P.’ 25

MAISAD All League Selections: Jonah J. ’25, Dani V, ’25, Walker D. ’25, Trevor B. ’25


League Record: 

Overall Record:

MAISAD Champions 2023


Most Valuable Manager Award 

Zack Braithwood ’24


Sportsmanship Awards 

Sarah M.R. ’22

Alex C. ’23


A special thanks to HOWL all season for their incredible commentary and all the behind-the-scenes work!