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Kents Hill School's 200th Commencement

Kents Hill School's 200th Commencement

On Saturday, May 25, Kents Hill School celebrated a historic 200th Commencement Ceremony. 

Head of School, Christopher S. Cheney gave his final welcome to students, faculty, friends, and family members who gathered. The ceremony included remarks from three senior student speakers. Aidan H. ’24, Brie L.’24, and Eli R.’24 all spoke enthusiastically about how their time at Kents Hill has shaped their lives and provided them a community built on belonging. 

Dean of Academics, Dr. Benjamin Priest presented the Academic Department Awards, Athletic Department Awards, and Senior Awards. Mr. Cheney then presented Graduation Day Awards and diplomas.

Kents Hill School has a longstanding tradition of inviting current employees and members of our Board of Trustees to present diplomas to their graduates. This senior class followed this tradition six times. This class of graduates includes 17 four-year seniors.

Department Awards

The Richard C. Fosse Award is awarded to that senior who has responded sensitively and imaginatively to the beauty and thought of great literature and whose intellectual stimulation and growth have been reflected in the quality of his or her writing. This year’s recipient is Zoey C. 

The Environmental Studies Award is given to that junior or senior who has shown excellence in the pursuit of Environmental Studies and whose academic interests reflect, in the words of Aldo Leopold, "the existence of an ecological conscience, and...a conviction of individual responsibility for the health of the land." This year's winner is Brie L.

The Carol Heath ELL Award is given to a senior or postgraduate English Language Learner who has excelled while learning and absorbing our language and culture and who has made significant contributions to the life of the school. This student has eagerly embraced the challenges and rewards of learning another language and culture, and has, at the same time, enjoyed sharing their own culture with us. This year’s winner is Lucas R.D.

The Irving H. Moore Award is given in memory of Irving Hartwell Moore to a senior with an outstanding record in mathematics. This year’s recipient is Aidan H.

The George Dunn Award for Excellence in Theater is given in honor of George Dunn, former Kents Hill teacher, coach, director, and department chair, to the senior who has consistently contributed to the theater program with excellence through performance and student leadership. The winner is Azriel W.

The John O. Newton Award is given in memory of John Orville Newton, beloved Trustee, Principal, and Professor of Natural Sciences at Kents Hill, to that student excelling in the sciences. This year’s winner is Tanner C.

The Social Studies Award is given to that senior who has pursued a rigorous course of study within the department and has shown intelligence, character, and a love of learning while at Kents Hill School. This year’s recipient is Brie L.

Kents Hill’s Visual Arts Award is given to seniors who are dedicated to the creative process of visual arts and have explored a variety of fine arts mediums and techniques. We recognize excellence in both 2D and 3D art, so this year’s winners are as follows: 

The Gifford “Giff” Ewing Class of 1966 Award for 2D Art goes to Azriel W.

And the Guy “Chip” Williams Class of 1968 Award for 3D Art goes to Sam K.

The Francis A. Davis Award, which is given in honor of Francis Davis, a language teacher at Kents Hill from 1882 to 1923, is awarded to a student excelling in foreign languages. This year’s award winner is Josie C.


Distinguished Scholar

Kents Hill School also gives a Distinguished Scholar Award to the student from each class who has the highest grade point average. The Class of 2023’s Distinguished Scholar goes to Morgan T.

Athletic Department Awards

The Girls Athletic Association Award is awarded to a multi-sport varsity female student-athlete in her senior or postgraduate year, based on leadership, sportsmanship, and accomplishment. This year’s recipient is Sarah R.

The Liz Cross Mellen Award is given to a student or students in the senior class who best combine a love of snowsports with a strong commitment to good citizenship. This award is given in memory of Liz Cross Mellen, Class of 1971. Our recipients this year is Eli R.

And finally, the Rutgers Prize is awarded to a multi-sport varsity male student-athlete in his senior or post-graduate year, based on leadership, sportsmanship, and accomplishment. This year’s winner is Tanner C.


Senior Awards

The J. Faye Luce Adell Award is given in memory of J. Faye Luce Adell, RN, Class of 1945, to a student in the graduating class who has an interest in the sciences and who has demonstrated a strong commitment to serving others. This year’s recipient is Eli R.

The Newton (Bud) Brooke Award is given to the member of the graduating class who never gave up, that student who gave 110% in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in their personal life; and did it all as Bud would have done – with pride, enthusiasm, and humor. This year’s winner is Tanner C.

The Winston Taggart Award is given in memory of Winston Taggart, Class of 1966, to the senior who displays outstanding academic effort and citizenship. This year’s winner is Garrison M.

The MELMAC Scholarship is awarded to a senior who has made a difference in the lives of others and has made a positive contribution to the school. This year’s scholarship winner is Eli R.

The Community Service Award is given to that senior who has demonstrated core values of altruism and compassion for others, giving freely of time and energy to help those in need. This year’s award is to Sarah R.

The International Student Award is given to an international student in the senior or junior class who is a respected leader in the school and who has made significant academic and social contributions to the school community. Congratulations Matt I.

The Community Life Award is given annually to the senior who has contributed the most toward the community life of the school. This year’s winner is Zack B.

The Head of School Award is given to a senior for displaying exemplary citizenship and pride in the school community and for achieving significant personal growth as a Kents Hill student. This year's award goes to Nicole A.


Graduation Day Awards

The Lois Masterman Award is given in her memory to that girl of the senior class, who, in the opinion of her classmates and the faculty, most exemplifies the following philosophy of living: “To be helpful to others and to make something useful of my life,” which was Lois Masterman’s motto. The Lois Masterman Award is presented to Brie L.

The Class of 1913 Award is given in memory of the Class of 1913 and nominates that senior who, in the estimation of the faculty, has exercised the greatest influence for good during the year. The Class of 1913 Award goes to Aidan H.

The Lydia and Luther Sampson Award is given in memory of the school’s founders to the senior who has excelled in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. The Lydia and Luther Sampson Award goes to Zoey C.

The Knowles Prize is given in memory of Mark T. Knowles, Class of 1885, and awarded to a senior for excellence in scholarship and other outstanding merit.
The winner of this year’s Knowles Prize is Brie L.

The Rist Bonnefond Person of Principle Award is given to that member of the graduating class who best embodies the core belief of the School’s Statement of Mission, that “one person of principle can always make a difference”. The Rist Bonnefond Person of Principle Award goes to Eli R.