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Fall Athletics Awards Celebration

Fall Athletics Awards Celebration

On Monday evening, December 5, in the Boardman Performing Arts Center, our community gathered to celebrate our fall athletes. Head of School, Chris Cheney opened the celebration by thanking parents who dealt with wind on The Hill throughout the season. He continued, know our coaches and athletes appreciate that support. “I particularly want to thank our student-athletes. Whatever your favorite sport or focus is, it is important to have a great fall. I want to thank you all who really set us up for a successful year.”

Director of Athletics, Becky Kimball followed with a warm welcome and a quick overview of the fall accomplishments, which included three MAISAD Championships and many NEPSAC appearances. Kimball added, “These accomplishments are a result of hard work and a will to succeed. Everyone in this room deserves a round of applause. Being a student-athlete requires talent and skill, but mastering the art of sleep habits, time management, nutrition, and academic and social responsibilities are noteworthy skills that a high school student is constantly working on. All while maintaining great spirits.”


Varsity Cross Country

Most Improved Award: 
   Boys - Owen T. ’24
   Girls - Gabriella L. ’24
Most Valuable Award: 
   Boys - Garrison M. ’24
   Girls- Rose J. ‘23
Coaches Award: 
   Boys - Lucas R.-D. ’24
   Girls - Ella S. ’23

MAISAD All-League Selections:
    Boys - Garrison M. ’24, Lucas R.-D., ’24, Jonah J. ’25, Eli R.’24, Renaud G. ’25, Hazen M. ’26
    Girls - Rose J. '23

NEPSAC All-League Selections: 
    Boys - Garrison M. ’24, Lucas R.D. ’24
    Girls - Rose J. '23
Overall Record: 6-0
MAISAD Champions 2022
6th place at NEPSAC Div IV Championships for Boys 

Varsity Field Hockey

Most Improved Award: Julieta C. C. ’25
Most Valuable Award: Chelsea G. ’23
Coaches Award: Ava N. ’23

MAISAD All-League Selections: Ali M. ’23, Dana V. ’23, Lily N. ’25, Maria M. ’24


NEPSAC All-League Selections: Ava N. ’23, Dana V. ’23

NEPSAC Honorable Mention Selections: Saige M. ’23, Johanna Schuchardt 
League Record: 6-0
Overall Record: 11-4
MAISAD Champions 2022
NEPSAC Class C Quarterfinalist 2022

Varsity Golf

Most Improved Award: Tanner C. ’24  
Most Valuable Award: Antione G. ’23
Coaches Award: Etienne G. ’23
Overall Record: 3-3-3
Finished 5 out of 64 teams at Maine States 
MASIAD Finalist


Varsity Mountain Biking

Most Improved Award: Sarah G. ’25
Most Valuable Award: Finn S.C. ’23
Coaches Award: Tyler S. ’23
Numerous Class A, B, and C podium finishes.

Varsity Boys Soccer

Most Improved Award: Matt I. ’24
Most Valuable Award: Amaan S. ’23
Coaches Award: Moses M. ’24

MAISAD All League Selections: Amaan S. ’23, Chase D. ’23, Casimir v.S. ’24
League Record: 3-2-3
Overall Record: 8-4-6

Varsity Girls Soccer

Most Improved Award: Megan M. ’24
Most Valuable Award: Kaylee F .’23
Coaches Award: Phoebe S. ’23

MAISAD All-League Selections: Kaylee F. ’23, Clara Eve L. ’23, Catherine L. ’24

NEPSAC All League Selections: Kaylee F. ’23, Catherine L. ’24

NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Clara Eve L. ’23, Julia S. ’23

Boston Globe All-Academic: Clara Eve L. ’23

Boston Globe NEPSAC Junior All-Stars: Catherine L. ’24, Megan M. ’24 
League Record: 6-2
Overall Record: 11-7
MAISAD Finalist 2022
NEPSAC Class D Semifinalist 2022 

JV Boys Soccer

Most Improved Award: Walker D. ’25 
Most Valuable Award: Ethan S. ’24
Coaches Award: Carson P. ’23

MAISAD All-League Selections: Landon B. ’24, Mason B. ’23, Jairus H. ’23, Daniel V. ’235  
League Record: 8-0
Overall Record: 11-1-2
MAISAD Champions 2022 

Co-Ed Soccer

Most Improved Award: Sunbul A. ’23
Coaches Award: Rowan W. ’26


Most Valuable Manager: Noah B.’25 - JV Soccer Manager 


Sportsmanship Awards Fall 2022


Shray M. ’24 (VBSOC)

Shray is the perfect example of what it means to embody a good teammate on and off the field. Shray did not get a lot of minutes this year as he made the jump from JV to Varsity. However, he was one of the hardest-working players on our team, and always asked questions to improve. He made sure that we had a good team culture, always encouraging and lifting others up while also trying to improve. 


Lucas I. B. ’25  (JVBSOC)

On a team with many loud voices and assertive personalities on and off the field, Lucas was perhaps the coolest and most level-headed of our squad this season- coaches included. Although one of the team's youngest members, he nonetheless seemed one of the wisest. Despite being a highly competitive alpine biker back home in Chile, Lucas joined JV soccer late in the pre-season, and his impact on the culture and success of the team was immediate. He was one of the first to arrive to practice each day and was nearly always the last to leave, often asking if he could hang on to one of the team's soccer balls so that he could continue to train some more. As one of our starting strikers and leading scorers, Lucas always played with a balance and a manner that combined intensity and effort, with a sense of fairness and respect for opponents, coaches, teammates, and spectators. On some level, he certainly wanted to win, but more importantly, Lucas more clearly just wanted to play- to compete- to do his best for his team and school. While some opposing players found his blended style of physical tenacity and steady composure infuriating (and let him know it with withering Spanish expletives and occasional threats of bodily injury), Lucas never gave it any oxygen, never let any of it get to him, and never broke character. No complaining. No retaliating. No cards. All business. Maybe there just isn't any chirping in alpine biking, because Lucas appeared completely incapable of it. When he was on the bench, he was completely focused on his teammates on the field, and when on the field, he was completely focused on playing soccer the right way. The Kents Hill School athletic program was lucky to have Lucas representing us this season.