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Fall Athletic Awards Celebration 2023

Fall Athletic Awards Celebration 2023

On Monday evening, November 13, in the Bodman Performing Arts Center, our community gathered to celebrate our fall athletes. It was a successful season for our Huskies as they brought home 3 MAISAD Championships, several MAISAD and NEPSAC All League Selections, as well as many other individual accolades. We wish all our Fall athletes the best of luck as they transition into their Winter season. Go Huskies! 

(Boys MAISAD champions)

Most Improved Award: 

       Boys- Hazen M. ‘26
       Girls- Blythe D. ‘26

Most Valuable Award: 

       Boys- Garrison M. ‘24
       Girls- Scout W. ‘27

Coaches Award: 

       Boys- Lucas R.D. ‘24
       Girls- Brie L. ‘24

MAISAD All League Selections:

       Boys- Garrison M. ‘24, Lucas R.D. ‘24, Jonah J. ‘25, Thomas L. ‘25, Hazen M. ‘26, Lucien B. ‘24
       Girls- Scout W. ‘27, Brie L. ‘24, Blythe D. ‘26

NEPSAC All League Selections: 

       Boys- Garrison M. ‘24, Thomas L. ‘25, Jonah J. ‘25
       Girls- Scout W. ‘27

NEPSAC Honorable Mention Selections: 

       Boys- Hazen M. ‘26, Lucien B. ‘24, Lucas R.D. ‘24
       Girls- Brie L. ‘24




Most Improved Award: Emma H. ‘26

Most Valuable Award: Caroline N. ‘27

Coaches Award: Delfin Y. ‘25

MAISAD All League Selections: Kate B. ‘27, Maddy P. ‘27, Hailey C. ‘26

NEPSAC Honorable Mention Selections: Khahliso K. ‘25




Most Improved Award: Tristan B. ‘26

Most Valuable Award: Ben C. ‘25

Coaches Award: Tanner C. ‘24

MPA Recognition: Tristan B. ‘26 - 10th, Ben C. ‘25- 6th, Amelie Z. ‘25 - 2nd



Most Improved Award: Max S. ‘25

Coaches Award: Elaine Y. ‘24



Most Improved Award: Caragh B. ‘24

Most Valuable Award: Asher P. ‘27

Coaches Award: Gavin R. ‘26




Most Improved Award: Oscar R. ‘25

Most Valuable Award: Marcus P. ‘24

Coaches Award:  Moses M. ‘24

MAISAD All League Selections: Casimir V. ‘24, Amaan S. ‘24, Marcus P. ‘24

NEPSAC Class C All League Selections: Michel S. ‘25

NEPSAC Class C Honorable Mention: Marcus P. ‘24



(MAISAD Champions) 

Most Improved Award: Nick M. ‘27 

Most Valuable Award: Till R. ‘24

Coaches Award: David T. ‘25

MAISAD All League Selections: Felix B. '24, Fernan P. '24, Nick S. '25, Robin V. '24



(MAISAD Champions/Chair Game Winners)

Most Improved Award: Josie C. ‘25

Most Valuable Award: Megan M. ‘24

Coaches Award: Avery R. ‘25

MAISAD All League Selections: Megan M. ‘24, Zoe C. ‘24, & Leyla L. ‘25

NEPSAC All League Selections: Megan M. ‘24, Zoe C. ‘24

NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Avery R. ‘25, Josie C. ‘25




Alex S. ‘26



Sportsmanship Awards: 

Sam Holsten ‘26 (GSOC)
Whether on the field or off, Sam represents not only the girls soccer team, but the entire Kents Hill community with class, respect, and humility. On the field, Sam plays with intensity and a fierce level of skill as a defensive midfielder; in that position, she is often going up against the other team's best player -- and she often wins. Despite any amount of adversity that the team is facing, and despite any words or actions that the other teams may throw at her, Sam maintains a calm, cool, and collected aura that is seemingly impossible to shake. A quiet leader, Sam keeps the team grounded during games, attacks every drill in practice with an equal level of intensity, and is a core member of the team. Her sportsmanship is top-notch, and even as a sophomore, she is already a role model for others.

Will Precourt ‘24 (BSOC)
This is Will's third season with JV Soccer, but his first as an elected Captain, and his first as a goalkeeper. As a wing fullback in his first two seasons with the team, Will immediately took to the goalkeeping gig; embracing the role and reality of being the very last line of defense between the opponent and a goal. He threw himself, literally and figuratively, into learning and living the position. He became a force between the posts, and what he may have lacked in wingspan, he found ways to make up for in fearlessness, quick instincts, and sure hands. Will clearly earned his place as our starting keeper, and he modeled all of the usual qualities of exemplary sportsmanship: he sincerely respected opponents and officials, played hard but always fair, and kept his emotions steady even in the heat of a game.