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Ring the Bell! Kents Hill School Receives Historic $10M Gift

Ring the Bell! Kents Hill School Receives Historic $10M Gift
Kents Hill School is pleased to announce that Barbara and Ted Alfond ‘64, and Willa and Taylor Bodman P’08, have matched each others' gifts of $5 million to fuel Kents Hill School's third century and Bicentennial Strategic Vision.
This $10 million commitment comes on top of more than $2 million in seed money from the Alfond and Bodman families in the previous two years.
Developed in partnership with the Board of Trustees, Kents Hill’s Bicentennial Strategic Vision accelerates an already remarkable trajectory and seeks to reimagine what a boarding and day school can be. The vision articulates four distinct cornerstones - Prepared for Anything; Built on Belonging; Grounded in Maine, Connected to the World; and In Your Corner, All the Time - that galvanize the Kents Hill community around a shared purpose and deliver a student experience that is both personal and highly personalized.
“Kents Hill has been important to me for sixty years,” Ted Alfond ‘64 said. “It gave me confidence as a student; a chance to be a three-sport athlete; mentorship from outstanding faculty, coaches, and staff; and lifelong friendships. It is a privilege and an honor to help to create those experiences for present and future students.”
These gifts will continue to support the extraordinary experiences that faculty and staff deliver every day for Kents Hill students, and will include investment in campus buildings and facilities, professional development and training, student life, and much more.
“21st century students require a 21st century education,” Patricia Hatler, President of the Kents Hill School Board of Trustees, shared. “The Bicentennial Strategic Vision builds upon our 200 years of educational success and points to a fresh, relevant, and expansive scope for education. With our innovative approach to curriculum, “whole student learning” philosophy, and idyllic setting in central Maine, Kents Hill School is rising to the needs of the 21st century,” she noted.
The Bodmans explained, “We want to be in Kents Hill's corner to support a holistic vision of education that imparts knowledge, skills, character, and wellbeing. We recognize it is ambitious to provide for student success in and out of class, on and off campus, during and beyond the academic calendar. We want to support Kents Hill's faculty and staff in making this vision a reality."
“I want to express my profound gratitude to the Alfond and Bodman families for their unprecedented support of and faith in Kents Hill School,” Christopher Cheney, Head of School, said. “Their leadership and dedication to Kents Hill is truly inspiring, and their generosity will impact countless lives for generations to come.”
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