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Is the Right Time for a Postgraduate Year...Now?

A Postgraduate Year at Kents Hill School

We want to start this piece by saying, we know that a Postgraduate Year isn’t the right choice for everyone and we wouldn’t dream of trying to push students into one. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated a specific sector of student lives—the seniors. 

We can’t even imagine how it must have felt to have your expectations have to shift so dramatically at such a pivotal moment in your lives. That is why we are suggesting that some seniors who graduated during the height of the pandemic or are poised to complete their high school journey during the tail end of crisis may want to consider a Postgraduate Year

The Community 

The world spent their last year unable to touch each other. No hugs, limited athletics, a minimal amount of interaction with family...a Postgraduate Year could give that back. Another year to spend with friends and build a strong network before college. An additional opportunity to compete athletically...maybe even win a major championship! One last year to spend a balanced time between our campus home and home with your family. This could be the year you become your full self!

The Graduation You Wanted

Similar to the no-touching statement above, graduations were just not the same during this time. Many were virtual and others were severely capped. If the loss of your traditional graduation happened to may want a do-over and there’s no shame in that.

An Even Stronger Resume

Our Postgraduate Year programming is robust. It makes the transition from high school to college much easier because much of it is based in real-world learning, even beyond what is offered in our standard 4D Academic Curriculum and project-based learning. 

To be more specific, you'll be one step ahead of other college applicants with the DIRIGO ("I Lead") leadership development program, weekly college counseling, and the opportunity to earn transferrable college credit in English, Physics, Chemistry, Music, and more.

Applied Experience Prior to College

During a Kents Hill Postgraduate Year students take five core courses, are able to compete in athletics, and participate in clubs and activities, but they also have multiple internship and experience opportunities built in that are centered around their specific interests. Those internships and experiences occur both on-campus and at local companies, so the perspectives offered are varied and interesting! It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Our Postgraduate Year option offers the perfect combination of personalized academics, immersive internship experience, and engaging cultural adventures. It is the ideal way to sharpen your knowledge, nurture your personal growth, and evaluate your goals before college. If you’re ready, why not submit an inquiry?

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