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Fourteen Students Represent Kents Hill School at the Annual Model United Nations Conference

Fourteen Students Represent Kents Hill School at the Annual Model United Nations Conference
Fourteen Kents Hill School students spent three days at the University of Southern Maine this week, representing the nations of Afghanistan, Kenya, and The United States at the 24th Annual Maine Model United Nations Conference. The culmination of weeks of research, planning, and preparation, the students served as delegates on various committees, tackling topics such as food security in refugee camps, nuclear security in conflict areas, "decolonizing" health care, and potential NATO expansion. 
Serving as Kents Hill’s “Head Delegate”, Cory P. '23 led the KHS crew and represented The United States on the Security Council; providing diplomatic experience and keen critical thinking to the task of addressing the complicated issue of Al-Shabab in Somalia.


"Model United Nations 2023 was a great experience for not only myself, but I can say with confidence that my fellow club members had a great time, too. Model UN is all about expression, and it’s great to see my classmates working hard to address pressing, real-world issues such as gender inequality and climate change. Furthermore, many students were delegates of Kenya and Afghanistan, a perspective that might exceed some students’ comfort zones. Our delegates were able to accurately reflect the values of their respective countries all while framing and articulating strong arguments, truly putting our school on the map!" - Cory P. '23



Representing Afghanistan, Mateo R. G. '25 took home an Honorable Mention for the Distinguished Delegate Award in the General Assembly (the largest committee at the conference!) for his exemplary diplomatic work navigating the topic of rural education. Kents Hill's delegation included seasoned conference veterans and an impressive and promising core of ninth-grade leadership in Blythe D. '26, Madison G. '26, Lucien G. '26, G.G. M. '26, and Stefani M. '26.



Blythe D. ’26 reflected on her experience, “It was so cool to meet high schoolers that I knew from basketball season, in a friendly academic setting. The day after it ended I raced one of the girls who was on my committee in track and we talked after which was so fun.”