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Celebrating Winter on The Hill

Celebrating Winter on The Hill


On Wednesday, March 2nd, in the Bodman Performing Arts Center our community gathered to celebrate our winter athletes. Director of Athletics, Nan Hambrose opened with a massive thank you to all the people who made this winter athletics season possible especially our amazing coaches and phenomenal athletics staff. She added, “It was a winter of adjusting, rescheduling games, and countless hours spent making snow and ice. What each of you endured as student-athletes was different, hard, and challenging. And yet, we overcame the adversity, adjusted, and we did it.”


Boys Junior Varsity Basketball


The boys junior varsity basketball defeated Hyde in the MAISAD finals for the MAISAD championship. Coach Dan McDonald thanked his players for showing up and playing basketball every day, everybody got time, and everybody did their part. He added, “When you talk about MVPs, I don’t think I could pick one for this team. Everyone had moments when they took over the game to cause the win in the end”


Most Improved Player: Jonathan P. ’24

Coaches Award: Will P. ’25 


Snow Boarding

Coach Daniel MacGlashing reflected on the season, “A lot of people showed up every day no matter how cold or windy it was. They were still out there hitting jumps with a lot of smiles and showed a ton of improvement.”

Most Improved: Ava K. ’23 

Coaches Award: Max S. ’24 


Boys Varsity Basketball 

It was an interesting basketball season after getting back in the gym after a year away. Coach Smitty said “the team was tested and had had to dig deep and find perseverance. We are really proud of the way they fought all the way to the end and were able to make it to the playoffs.”

Coach Mike Hannon added how proud of the effort he was and how this team never let up. 

Most Improved Player: Mecho P. ’24 

Most Valuable Player: Daouda N. ’22

Coaches Award: Aaron J. ’22 


Boys Varsity Ice Hockey

“A great group of guys, and am so fortunate to have coached them. They learned every game and every shift. They learned what it takes. This group excelled in the classroom and excels in the community and I am just super proud of them.” - Coach Pavel Navrat

Coaches Award: David H. ’22

Most Improved Player: Tanner C. ’24

Most Valuable: Kevin M. ’22


Boys Junior Varsity Hockey

Coach Adam Chabot spoke extremely high of his team. After coaching junior varsity hockey for ten years he remarked that what made this team different was, “They just wanted to play hockey and play games. We always found ways to approach our practices and games with humor, engagement, and fun. The boys worked shift by shift, won puck battles, and supported each other along the way. We had so many first goals, first assists, and first saves.” 

Coaches Award: Jack B. ’22

Most Improved Player: Lucas R. ’23


Girls Varsity Ice Hockey

Coach Emilie Arsenault expressed an abundance of gratitude to the team’s manager as well as eight seniors and postgraduates. She continued, “To our entire team, thank you for your commitment this season. We spent a lot of time on the road, on the ice, and in the weight room this year. We threw a lot at you and you continued to show up and make the most out of the opportunity.”

Coaches Award: Madeline S.’21

Most Improved Player: Abby G.’24

Most Valuable: Emma G.’22


Girls Varsity Basketball

The girls basketball team produced an incredible season going 10-5 in the regular and post-season combined. They made it to the Class B state quarterfinals. It was the first time the Huskies have played in the Augusta Civic Center since 2014. Coach Jenkins thanked the fans for making the trek to support the girls and remarked on the big leap the team took this season, “We proved to be a tough team to contend with. We played some high-intensity basketball and I am so proud of you all.”

Coaches Award: Rose J.’23

Most Improved Player: Shea C.’22

Most Valuable: Naomi M.’23

Mountain Valley Conference Honorable Mention: Rose J.’23, Logan M.’23


Alpine Varsity Skiing 

The ultimate individual sport of you against the clock. Alpine skiing asks you to go as fast as you can. And if you crash, you lose. Coach Josh Reynolds said, “Our kids rose to the occasion. In my eight years, I have never had the depth of talent and their ability to ski as this team, and it has allowed us to achieve something pretty substantial.” The Alpine Program took home the championship in all of the four MAISAD classes, boys and girls varsity as well as boys and girls junior varsity.


Coaches Award Boys: John P. ’22

Most Improved Boys: Cyrus M. ’23

Most Valuable Boys: Finn S-C.’23

Coaches Award Girls: Rosalie K. ’23

Most Improved Girls: Dorothee K. ’23

Most Valuable Girls: Naeema O. ’22 


Girls MAISAD Champions

Girls MAISAD All-Conference Award: Rosalie K.’24, Dorothee K.’23, Naeema O.’22, Anna F.’23, Josephina H.’23, Johanna S.’24, Heidi L.’24

MAISAD Individual Slalom Champion: Naeema O.’22


Boys MAISAD Champions

MAISAD All-Conference Award: Finn S-C.’23, Jackson M.’22, Scott T.’23, Eli R.’24, Cyrus M.’23, Matthew F.’24


NEPSAC All-Conference:

Slalom: Finnian S.’23

Slalom: Jackson M.’22

Giant Slalom and Slalom: Naeema O.’22

Sportsmanship awards At Kents Hill School, the Sportsmanship Awards are nominated by each coach during an athletics season. The Sportsmanship Award is given to a varsity student-athlete who is identified and nominated by their coach to the Athletic Department staff for selection. The recipient is chosen based on their performance as a student-athlete representing the Kents Hill core value of sportsmanship both on and off the field. This includes their interaction with teammates, the officials, the opposing schools, as well as how they carry themselves on campus throughout their time on The Hill. This year, the Kents Hill Athletics Department is proud to award the Male Sportsmanship Award to Aaron J. ’23, and the Female Sportsmanship Award to Phoebe S. ’23. 

“Aaron has done the work, he has spent countless hours in the gym, constantly works on his game, and has shown so much growth and passion in his last four years at Kents Hill. This man is a scholar, a proctor, an advocate, an activist, and most importantly an all-around well-rounded student-athlete.” Coach Smitty on Aaron J.’22

“For someone to be a good sport they must be a good competitor. She knows her role and performs them to the best of her ability. She relishes the opportunity to compete. She showed us she cared about the game, about the assignment, about the details. She always wanted an edge and wanted to share that edge with her teammates. She left a piece of herself out on the floor after every game.” - Coach Jenkins of Phoebe S.’22

Ms. Hambrose ended the ceremony by challenging the student-athletes to have a wonderful March break and come back with a focus on their spring sports. She encouraged them to carry the success from the winter into our spring athletic seasons. Congratulations to all of our athletes and coaches on an outstanding winter season! 

Click here to view our upcoming schedule of spring athletic events.

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