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Celebrating Academic Excellence

Celebrating Academic Excellence

Senior Awards

On Friday, May 27th the Kents Hill community came together to celebrate the Class of 2022. Head of School, Chris Cheney welcomed everyone and invited seniors who have been at Kents Hill for one, two, or three years to march in. Mr. Cheney then invited the four-year seniors to take their reserved seats in the front row. Four year seniors were welcomed with a standing ovation for their impact on The Hill over the last four years.


Banner Award

Voted on by the senior class, it goes to the student, in their opinion, who has best demonstrated their class core value. This year's graduating class’s core value was Friendship. The 2022 recipient of the Banner Award is Kevin M. ’22.

James Hansen Award

This award was given to a senior who, in the judgment of their classmates, best demonstrates the enthusiasm for life and love of Kents Hill that Mr. Hansen personified. The 2022 recipient of the James Hansen Award is Jackson M. ’22.

Mainely Character Scholarship

This special award was presented by Sue Leighton, Curt Mildner, and Anne Cass from Mainely Character. Mainely Character Scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s character. They do not consider academic achievement, athletic prowess, musical ability, artistic talent, or financial need.

The four aspects of a student’s character are considered when making an award.

Courage: Taking risks and following your own conscience with fearlessness.

Integrity: Being truthful and trustworthy to oneself and others.

Responsibility: Conveying an attitude of commitment and conviction.

Concern: Demonstrating compassion and caring attitude towards others, and helping them achieve their best.

A 2022 Mainely Character Scholarship recipient is Jackson M. ’22 


Grades 9-11 Academic Awards Celebration


On May 2nd the entire Kents Hill community gathered one more time in the Bodman to celebrate Grades 9-11 academic achievements. This celebration marked the formal end of the school year for all students except seniors.


Dr. Priest, Dean of Academics, opened the ceremony by discussing the difficulties students face with academics during COVID-19. He said, “We’re delivering that alternative well. I’m really happy to celebrate today’s award winners--God knows they deserve it--but I’d also like to regard this afternoon’s event as a celebration of Kents Hill itself. It’s been a good year.”


First-Year Awards 

The Crystal Chase Award is given to a first-year who combines a serious commitment to academics with enthusiastic involvement in all aspects of school life. It is awarded in the memory of Crystal Chase, Class of 1899. The 2022 recipient of the Crystal Chase Award is Jonah J. ’25.


The Warren E. Thamarus Award is presented annually to a first-year who, through their character, scholarship, and dedication, best exemplifies the educational philosophy of Mr. Thamarus: to do your best. The 2022 recipient of the Warren E. Thamarus Award is Ben S. ’25.


The Kents Hill Award for Academic Achievement is given to four first-year students for educational commitment, growth, or improvement. The first-year recipients of this award are Will P. ’25, Trevor B. ’25, Ashley C. ’25, and Avery R. ’25. 


We typically welcome at least a few new teachers every year, and in my view, this too is part of the special sauce: part of the unique culture of teaching and learning that makes Kents Hill a good school. Today’s faculty speaker is not a new teacher per se, but she was new to Kents Hill this year.


Sophomore Awards 

The Glenn Dana Award was established by the Class of 1974 in memory of their classmate, Glenn Alexander Dana. It is awarded to a student who demonstrates academic and athletic promise, respect for others, and a zest for life. The 2022 recipient is Sarah M-R ’24.


The Stuart Payne Robinson Award is given to the student who accepts the moral and intellectual challenges of life without fear and gives of self whenever called. The 2022 recipient of the Stuart Payne Robinson Award is Tanner C. ’24.


We also give the Kents Hill Award for Academic Achievement to four sophomore students for their educational commitment, growth, or improvement. The four sophomore recipients are Gabrielle L. ’24, Eli R. ’24, Anna R. ’24, and Lily J. ’24. 


Kents Hill School also honors several Distinguished Scholars every year. Each Distinguished Scholar award is given to the student from his or her class who has the highest grade point average. Our 2022 Distinguished Scholars are: from the first-year class, Sarp Y. ’25; from the sophomore class, Morgan T. ’24; and from the junior class, Kaila D. ’23


Junior Awards

The Rensselaer Medal is given by Kents Hill’s Math and Science Departments and is awarded to a junior with an outstanding record in Math and Science. This year’s winner of the Rensselaer Medal is Kaila D. ’23.


The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award is presented to the junior who has demonstrated excellence in Science. The winner of the 2022 Bausch and Lomb Award is Austin W. ’23.


The Eric Nesler Plote Award is awarded to a junior in memory of Eric Plote, Class of 1989, who became a leader of this school community through his own determination, perseverance, and goodwill. It gives me great pleasure to give the Eric Nesler Plote Award to Aidan B. ’23.


The Jennie Flood Kreger Award was established in 1937 by Jennie Flood Kreger. It nominates a junior who is outstanding in character and scholarship. The 2022 recipient of the Jennie Flood Kreger Award is Clara E-L. ’23.


The William W. Dunn Award is awarded in memory of William W. Dunn, Headmaster of Kents Hill School from 1942 to 1965, whose lifelong interest was to develop in every student the desire to achieve his or her individual potential and to serve the community. The 2022 recipient of the William W. Dunn Award is Sage M. ’23.


The International Student Award is given to an international student in the senior or junior class who is a respected leader in the school and who has made significant academic and social contributions to the school community. We’re giving two International Student Awards this year. One of them is going to a senior, who we’ll announce at graduation, and the other goes to George P. ’23.


Traditionally, the Cameron Dow ’12 Scholarship was awarded to a male boarding student rising into the 12th grade who, like Cameron, was quietly altruistic, a loyal and respected friend, had compassion for all living things, and possessed innate wisdom and courage beyond his years. This year the Kents Hill faculty made two changes to this award: we decided to give the Scholarship to two students and we decided to disentangle it from its original single-gender designation. This year’s recipients (plural) of the Cameron Dow ’12 Scholarship are Holden Hall and Naomi McGadney.


The Phi Beta Kappa Award is awarded to a junior who is striving to go on to higher education and who has demonstrated intellectual curiosity and achievement beyond the classroom. The 2022 winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Award is Cordell P .’23.


College Book Awards


The Smith College Book Award is awarded to the young woman in the junior class who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership, and a concern for others. The 2022 winner of the Smith College Book Award is Naomi M. ’23.


The Williams Book Award is given to a junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school. The 2022 winner of the Williams Book Award is Phoebe S. ’23.


The Dartmouth College Award is awarded to a member of the junior class with outstanding personal character, intellectual promise, and exemplary citizenship. The 2022 recipient of the Dartmouth College Award is Rose J. ’23.

The Yale Book Award is awarded to a member of the junior class with outstanding personal character and intellectual promise. The 2022 recipient of the Yale Book Award is Alex C. ’23.

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