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This page is designed to keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening on the Hill - from the school calendar and schedules to the daily menu at the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons. You'll also find the latest school communications and announcements, COVID-19 policies and guidelines, and key contact information. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact your child's advisor, call our main office at 207-685-4914, or view the faculty and staff directory.


Recent Community Updates

September 2021

School Calendar and Events

School Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Aug 29
Mon, Aug 30
Tue, Aug 31
Wed, Sep 1
Thu, Sep 2
Fri, Sep 3
Sat, Sep 4
Sun, Sep 5
Mon, Sep 6
Tue, Sep 7
Wed, Sep 8
Thu, Sep 9
Fri, Sep 10
Sat, Sep 11
Sun, Sep 12
Mon, Sep 13
Tue, Sep 14
Wed, Sep 15
Thu, Sep 16
Fri, Sep 17
Sat, Sep 18
Sun, Sep 19
Mon, Sep 20
Tue, Sep 21
Wed, Sep 22
Thu, Sep 23
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The Alfond Dining Commons
Fri, Sep 24
Sat, Sep 25
Sun, Sep 26
Mon, Sep 27
Wed, Sep 29
Thu, Sep 30
Fri, Oct 1
Sat, Oct 2

Academic Schedule

Contact Information

Kents Hill Contact Information

Christopher S. Cheney
Head of School

For Questions Related to the Student Experience

Rene Davis
Associate Head of School for Student Life

For Questions Related to Travel and Student Life

Diane Chick
Dean of Students

Addie Michaud
Assistant to the Dean of Students

For Questions Related to Academics

Dr. Ben Priest
Dean of Academics

For Questions Related to Textbooks

Dr. Wilson Onu
Associate Dean of Academics

For Questions Related to Athletics and Afternoon Activities

Nan Hambrose
Director of Athletics

For Questions Related to Health and COVID-19

Lindsey Jenkins
School Nurse

Margaret Staggs
School Nurse

Dr. Joe Fitzpatrick
Director of Health Services

For Questions Related to Visa and I-20

Linda Albert
Admissions Office Manager

For Questions Related to Residential Life, Weekends, and Student Activities

Erica Chute
Dean of Residential Life

For Questions Related to Finance and Contracts

Andy May
CFO; Business Office

For Questions Related to Admissions and Enrollment

Alison Lincoln-Rich
Dean of Enrollment Management

For Questions Related to Technology

Marc Bartholomew
Director of Technology

For Questions Related to Communications and Marketing

Lara Cole
Dean of Communications and Strategic Initiatives

For Questions Related to College Counseling and Testing

Tracey Grimm
Director of College Counseling

Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact your child's advisor, call our main office at 207-685-4914, or view the faculty and staff directory.

Kents Hill Today

Top Tips for an Admissions Interview
  • Admissions
Gillian Barnes

Interviewing for a new school can produce anxiety, but learning about the process beforehand can help to ease your nerves. In an effort to make the experience of joining Kents Hill School as seamless as possible, we’ve assembled a list of tips to help you do just that.

  • Resources & Trends
Kents Hill Favorites
  • Food
  • Fun
  • Local Picks
  • Things to Do
Gillian Barnes

As we move into one of the most beloved seasons in Vacationland (summer), we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite places with you. Whether you are just discovering Kents Hill and the wonders of Maine or if you are a long-term community member, we invite you to find a new favorite place for a bite to eat, be reminded of that family trip you wanted to take, or just learn something from our team. After all, shouldn’t everyone want to keep learning? We think so!

  • Resources & Trends
Athletics and Activism
  • Character
  • Core Values
  • Female Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Life Lessons
Nan Hambrose

Ask any athlete and they will be able to tell you, maybe even show you, their favorite t-shirt.

It might be the one they wore when they played their very best and now wear it for every game looking for the same results. It may be a souvenir from a big tournament. It could be a shirt handed down from a beloved teammate when they graduated or a sibling after their playing days had ended. We all have one or maybe two. I have two, one from the first time I played in the NCAA tournament and one from the last time. I am not sure why I hold onto them after 27 years, but I do.

  • Leadership Insights

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