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Get Involved! 

Do you have other skills you would like to offer in support of Kents Hill’s students and learning community? Please let us know so we can find a way to get you engaged in the exciting work happening on the Hill. Please take the short survey below. 

Engagement Survey

Reunion Volunteer

Join fellow classmates to help the Alumni Association plan a memorable reunion weekend. From assisting with plans for class events to reaching out to your classmates and encouraging them to attend, there are a variety of tasks you can do. If you are interested in playing a more integral part in reunion weekend.

Class Agent

Become a volunteer to help strengthen your classes participation, and pass along important information on upcoming events such as career networking events, faculty panels, holiday parties, outdoor adventures, community service projects, and more.

College and Career Mentor

Do you remember when life after high school remained full of possibility and your perspective of what would happen next lingered somewhere between the unknown to a vivid destination? If you have an interest in sharing your experience navigating the college experience and/or your career path, we want to hear from you. At the very least, please complete the engagement survey to make sure your college and career information is updated in our data system so we can let our students know the people in our network who have traveled where there are considering going.

Admissions Volunteer

Provide a critical Kents Hill presence where admissions professionals may not otherwise be visible: at recruitment events, schools, responding to prospective applicant/parent inquiries and contacting admitted students in your communities.

BIPOC Mentor Group

We are listening. We are leaning in as we learn more about the triumphs and struggles of Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) students and alumni of independent schools. We see the pain, hurt, moments of joy showcased in movements such as Black@.  Those stories hurt us too.  Kents Hill is looking inward and dedicating time and resources to do better to improve the experience of BIPOC students.  We are strengthening our policies, increasing cultural competencies, and taking actions to reduce micro and macro aggressions that may occur in the curriculum, classroom, and social experience.   

One action Kents Hill has already taken to increase belonging for all students is the creation of student affinity spaces.  Affinity spaces are necessary spaces to create supportive spaces for students who often may simultaneously feel hypervisible and invisible.  Kents Hill currently offers the following affinity groups: BIPOC Students, LGBT Students, the Women’s Collective, and the Men’s Collective. Rather than isolate and separate students, these groups have created private spaces for support, healing, and problem-solving.  In short, it allows our students to take a breath as they engage in classes, athletics teams, and social community.  Students have found joy and purpose in these affinity spaces as it helps them feel seen, heard, and valued.  

We are looking to expand our support spaces, creating an affinity group for BIPOC alumni. The BIPOC affinity group is a collaborative initiative between Alumni Affairs and the Diversity, Equity, and Belonging (DEB) Team to create a network among our alumni of color that can serve as a support and healing space, as well as a vessel for networking and professional growth.  This affinity group can also serve as a partner and think tank to the DEB team.  The BIPOC Affinity groups are open to domestic and international alumni who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

Parent Volunteer

A defining feature of the Kents Hill experience is the community of caring adults supporting our students day and night. If you’re interested in supporting our efforts to strengthen the feeling of Kents Hill as our students’ home away from home, we welcome your help.

Meet the Advancement Team

Emily George Beliveau

Emily George Beliveau

Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
B.A., University of New Hampshire
Cindy McAdam

Cindy McAdam

Advancement Office and Database Administrator
B.S., Montana State University