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Reunion June 10-12, 2022 

Registration has closed, call 207-685-1662 to register 

See Who Has Registered Below


Members of the classes ending in 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 are traditional celebratory years, but all are welcome!

Class of '50-52 (70th Reunion)
Class of '55-57 (65th Reunion)
Class of '60-62 (60th Reunion)
Class of '65-67 (55th Reunion)
Class of '70-'72 (50th Reunion)
Class of 80-82 (40th Reunion) 
Class of '95-'97 (25th Reunion)
Class of '10 -'12 (10th Reunion)
Class of '15-'17 (5th Reunion)
Class of 2020

Reunion 2022 Schedule 

Friday, June 10 

*11:30-1 PM Golf Outing Tee Times at Belgrade Lakes Golf Club (Pre-Registration Required, 18 holes) 
3 PM- 5 PM Check-in at Reed Hall
*6 PM- 10 PM Welcome BBQ at the Liz Cross Mellen Lodge at the O'Connor Alpine Center 

Saturday, June 11 

*8-10 AM Continental Breakfast at the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons
*9:30 AM 50th Class Coffee with Head of School Chris Cheney at the Blethen House (‘70, ‘71, ‘72)
9 AM -12:30 PM Check-in at Reed Hall
9 AM-2 PM Fitness Center Open at the Harold and Ted Alfond Athletics Center 
10 AM-12 PM Student-Led Tours 
10 AM-2 PM Student Center and Bookstore Open 
10 AM-2 PM Canoe/Kayak on Torsey Pond 
*12:00 PM Alumni Luncheon and Program at the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons
2 PM Class Photos on the McNulty Patio 
*3:30 PM Cam Dow ‘12 Memorial 5K run/walk 
4:30 - 6:00 PM Cocktail Reception on the McNulty Patio 
*6:00 PM Alumni Dinner at the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons 
8 PM Music, Dancing, and Outdoor Games
All Day- Explore Kents Hill School hiking/walking trails 

Sunday, June 12

8 AM- 12 PM Fitness Center Open at the Harold and Ted Alfond Athletics Center
*8:30- 11 AM Brunch 
8:30- 11AM Check-out at the Dining Commons

*Events require registration 

All alumni are invited to join the party! More information will follow! Contact Emily George Beliveau to get involved at

Who Has Registered
(Alumni/Past Faculty Only)
David Pollock (Faculty '72-'80)
George Dunn (Faculty '79-'21)
Jeff DeHaven (Faculty '89-'21)
Pat and Cindy McInerney (Faculty '92-'17)
Rake Moreau '09
Robert Stone 1982
Jed Snyder 1972
Jane Sinclair 1966
Nathan Moss 2001
Jeffrey Coons 1982
Cindy Clark 1952
Bill Scarborough 1972
Trace Robertson 1984
Lisa Dickson 1981
Herbert Gengler 1968
Beth Barton 1981
Mark Damren 1972
Jack Gardner 1972
Sarah Blair Brown 1966
Rich Bedard 1980
Kevin Smith 2012
Luke Barmakian 1980
Nelkas Kwemo 2013
Sue Tester 1972
Heather Larrabee 2012
Larry Wolman 1972
Roberta Tidman (Scripture) 1950
Gordon Parker 1972
Gideon Zahler 1982
James  Walsh  1982
Joan Hunter 1972
Dominic Breton-Veillette 2015
Eric Nixon 1980
Ed Wilder 1980
Emma  McDermott 2016
Rebecca Munro 1972
John Munro 1972
Kerri McKinnon 2017
Lexi Crites 2017
Taya Brown 2020
Vanessa Tebesigwa 2020
Gary Fountain 1972
Cheryl Moody 1986
Jim Luce 1972
Eli Holland 2017
J Thompson 1982
Kara Walsh 1981
Margaret Dow
Jeffrey Caplan 1980
Dave Marshall 2015
Raphael Dagenais 2015
Cherie Perkins 1962
Jamie Rudolph 2017
Luke Lachance 1972
Ellie Keeley 2017
Emily Harwood 2017
Monique Vandamme Wildt 1980
Natalie Palmer 2015
Robin Russell 1972
Keenan Golden 2015
Esa Maki 2017
Ted Oulundsen 2016
James Dow 2012
Luka Dow 2013
Ben Bowers 2013
Mary Thompson Ledford 1972
Bill Brennan 1970
Arden Donahue 1981
Jennifer Herberg 1982
Annette Peabody 1952
Dorian Callen 1981
Cooper Callen 1981
Alexis Miller 2017
Brad Warren 1980
Kendra Emery 1996
Eliza Collins-Leavitt 1996
Mark Marshall 1980
Avram Hains 1972
Ashley Doyle-Eddolls. 2014
Marissa Tarrio 2014
O'Shea Bell 2012
Peg Alvord 1980
Jennifer Herberg 1981
Pam Sarris 1981
Rebecca Gibbs 2017
Joe Sommer 1982
Bill Sanders 2020
Susan Collins-Peavy 1981
Betsy Beardsley 1962
Ian Semon 2016
John Tyler 1972
Brandon Bourgeois 2012
Cindy Antrim 1972
Thor Foss 1974
Joan Ryer 1951
Susan Rich 1970
Brian Burwell 1962
Sarah Arseneau 2016
Joe Connelly 2015
Melissa Kearney 1981 
Kiara Lantigua 2020
Kevin Rodgers 2015
Drew Dionne 2020
Danielle Carbonari 2012
Brett Conley 2012
Bettiann Donahue 1952
Daniel Donahue 1952
Andee Brayman 2020
Alexis Ntanos 2020
Jeff Smart 1972
Nick Smith 1972
Trevor Guity 2016
Caroline Dunn 1958
Chloe Thomson-Smith 2016
Bill McLaughlin 2016
Jared Arsenault 2012
Greg Kelleher 1980
Karson Schellscheidt 2020
Genie Gannett 1970
Bill Smedberg 1970
Joel Pottruff 2016
Robyn Dougherty 1981
Charles Migner 2012
Charles Irish 1966
Tom Baker 1982
Elizabeth Barton 1981
Dean Wiseman 1972
Riley Kirk 2016
Leila Alfaro 2016
Jim Moses 1971
Ellie Saucier 2020
Genie Gannett 1970
Thor Foss 2002
Dana McBean 2009
Michael Hinsdale 1980
Jay Thompson 
Dana McBean 2009
Michael Hinsdale 1980
Elysa Weil 1981
Margaret Alvord 1980
Dan Whitaker 1981
Cam Stewart 2016
Linda Ames 1958
Felix Beaulieu 2016
Danik Roy 2016
Clay Ellerbrock 2017
Janie Alvord 1982
Tom Baker 1982
Janice Adams Rioux 
John Chimpoulis 2017
Tucker Nussinow 2020
Stuart Cole 2015
Tom Utter 1982
Julian Madison 2016
Eva Minisini 2016
Edward Dodge 1955
Katie Sprague 2017
Cody Stockford 2016 '17
Ricky Mulle 2020
Barb Armstrong 1982
Nick Fortin 2012
Jonathon Fifield 2020
Ellen Mahoney 1968
Danny Brooke 1986
Ted Dunkelberger 1981
Val Rusk 1980
Walt Washington Jr. 2015
Ben Fulmer 2012
Nick Smith 1972
Bill Bourret 1958
Brad Maki 2020
Kurt Ross 1971
Richard Small 1958
Brenda Deojay 1956


Reunion FAQ

The schedule has had a couple of changes since the postcard was sent out. Copies of the weekend’s activities will be available at registration in Reed Hall. If you would like to add an event to your registration, such as the Cam Dow '12 memorial fun walk/run, please call 207-685-1662.


The Alfond Athletic Center has a large parking lot and a paved walkway that leads up to the Bibby and Harold Alfond Dining Commons. If you have any mobility concerns, there are designated handicap spaces around campus, spaces behind the Dining Commons, and spaces in the gravel lot next to the post office. 


The health and safety of our community and all reunion attendees is a top priority. All attendees must follow CDC, state, and Campus policies and guidance regarding Covid-19. We ask that anyone attending stay home if they are not feeling well. While events are mostly outdoors, we ask that if you are non-vaccinated please wear a mask inside the facilities while not seated. All COVID-19-related cancellations are eligible for a full refund.


Attire for the weekend is husky casual except for the alumni luncheon which tends to be business-casual. Please keep an eye on the weather, and pack accordingly. In case of rain or cold weather, bring a raincoat, sweater, and umbrella. If possible, bring an extra pillow and blanket. You should pack necessary toiletries, hangers, iron if you need one, and an alarm clock if you do not use your phone.


You will receive your room assignment and keys at registration if you registered for housing. We supply linens for you. In each room, you’ll find a twin bed (or beds), a pillow, sheets, a blanket, and a towel. If you’re driving to KHS, we strongly suggest you bring an extra pillow or blanket.

Campus Rides and Safe Rides

There will be one golf cart available for guests that have mobility concerns and need to get around campus. There will also be one van circulating around for rides off-campus after Friday and Saturday events. This shuttle service is new, and the last call for a ride will be at 11 p.m. both nights. If you need a ride please find a KHS staff member, or call 1-207-504-7272. 

Cash Bar

A selection of beer and wine will be offered at the Friday and Saturday evening functions. Please note that the drinks are $5. we have an ATM on campus but suggest taking cash out before the weekend. 


The bookstore will be open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 11 to purchase KHS gear.