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1824 Society

2021-2022 Goal: 

2021-2022 Total:

2022-2023 Goal:


Join our 1824 Society. Donors like you create possibilities. The Kents Hill Fund supports students for whom a Kents Hill education would not be possible without financial aid. Your gifts are essential to ensuring the school’s mission that a Kents Hill education be available to all deserving students. It is because of our generous donors that Kents Hill has been able to establish a community of learners representing Maine, many states and countries, and a variety of ethnicities, cultures and demographics.

At Kents Hill, giving back is a core practice that we strive to cultivate in everything we do. Taken from the Greek "philanthropia", philanthropy is defined as an altruistic (one of our core values!) concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, time or other forms of support.

Nearly 200 years ago Kents Hill was founded on the vision and generosity of church leaders and farsighted patrons. Their belief in what Kents Hill could be was the beginning of creating the school Kents Hill has become.  Every gift to the Kents Hill Fund continues that vision by enabling us to “educate our students in mind, body and spirit."