Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Are you still accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year?

    Yes! Limited space is available. If you're interested in applying for the current year please contact the admissions office directly at 207-685-1606 or
  • I have applied to Kents Hill School. How do I find out if I’ve been accepted? 

    Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and you will be notified via email when a decision is available. To access:
    1. Visit and click "Login." You will need the username that was provided to you in a prior email.
    2. Click on the tab with your child’s name.
    3. Click on the “Decision” tab.
    4. Click “Download Letter” to view your decision.
    5. Click “Let us know your decision.”
  • I will be attending Kents Hill School. How do I submit my contract?

    To confirm your child’s placement for the coming year, please electronically sign and submit the enrollment agreement. Receipt of the enrollment agreement and deposit will reserve your child’s place in next year's student body. The enrollment agreement is only accessible to the parent you have identified as “responsible for tuition” on your child’s application.
    To sign and submit your enrollment agreement:
    1. Visit and click "Login. You will need the username that was provided to you in a prior email.
    2. Click "Contract to Accept" in the yellow bar at the top of the page.
    3. Click "Review."
    4. Select your payment option.
    5. Type your electronic signature into the signature box.
    6. Click "To Review" on the lower left hand side of the page.
    7. Print a copy for your records. Once the enrollment agreement is submitted, it will no longer be accessible on the Parent Portal.
    8. Click "Accept."
    9. Click the "Deposit" tab and complete the required fields.
  • Do you accept the Boarding Schools Common Application?

    Yes. Kents Hill accepts the SAO - Standard Application Online and Gateway to Prep Schools applications. 
  • Is a campus visit required?

    Campus visits are a very important part of the admissions process at Kents Hill, but not required. 
  • What is the best time to visit Kents Hill School?

    We offer campus visits year round. The BEST time, however, is when our students are in classes.
  • How long will a campus visit last?

    Most visits last between two and four hours. The first half of a visit consists of a student-guided tour of campus. After your tour of campus, you will return to the Admissions Office for an interview with one of our Admissions officers. Please contact the Admissions Office for details.
  • Are interviews required?

    A personal interview is a required piece of our application. While it is preferably done in person, it can be done via Skype or telephone when necessary.
  • Is testing required?

    The SSAT is recommended but not required for incoming freshmen and sophomores. For incoming seniors and Academic Gap Year candidates, SAT or ACT scores are required. If you have any educational testing, please submit it with your application.

    International Students must submit an official Second Language Test score along with their application.
  • Can I attend classes or spend a day at Kents Hill School?

    Yes! We are happy to arrange shadow visits for a half day.
  • How do I get to and from Kents Hill on long weekends and vacations?

    There is a chartered bus that takes students to and picks up students from South Station and Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston, MA. The school also provides transportation to and from the Portland International Jetport (PWM) in Portland, ME, and train/bus station in Augusta, ME. 
  • May I speak to current families about their Kents Hill School experience?

    Sure! We would be happy to put you in touch with a Kents Hill family. They have some of the best insights into the Kents Hill experience.
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