Postgraduate Year

Looking for the perfect combination of personalized academics, immersive internship experience, and engaging cultural adventures? Look no further. A Postgraduate Year at Kents Hill School is the ideal way to sharpen your knowledge, nurture your personal growth, and evaluate your personal and professional goals before college. Your individualized program and faculty mentor will tackle what you need in order to be successful while rallying around what you love including art, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Plus, you'll be one step ahead with the DIRIGO ("I Lead") leadership development program, weekly college counseling, and the opportunity to earn transferrable college credit in English, Physics, Chemistry, Music, and more.

Postgraduate Year Students Receive: 

  • College readiness and preparation
  • Test-taking tips and strategies
  • Cultural competency and intercultural communication
  • College athletic recruitment
  • Long- and short-term career planning
  • Leadership style and entrepreneurship 
  • Public speaking and interviewing 
  • Research, writing, and editing
  • Self-advocacy
  • Confidence building
  • Time management and organization
  • Personal finance and fiscal responsibility 
"The Postgraduate Year program is an amazing opportunity to build character, study habits, and lifelong friendships. The academic confidence and skills that I gained—including real-world internship experience at a professional lobbying firm—allowed me to be accepted to and succeed at a rigorous university."

—P.J. Wisowaty, Palo Alto, CA
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