Academic Coaching

Reach New Heights

We believe that with the right people, and in the right environment, you will accomplish extraordinary things. Kents Hill School’s Academic Coaching program pairs you with an adult mentor who is fully committed to ensuring that you thrive in all aspects of school life and are prepared to tackle college and beyond with self-confidence, self-determination, and self-advocacy. 

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to development balances curriculum-based tutoring with social-emotional awareness, problem-solving skills and strategies, and communication tools. You’ll approach projects and planning with confidence as your Academic Coach guides you through four questions:

1) What do you have to do? 

2) How are you going to do it?

3) How can I help support you?

4) How am I going to know when it is done? 

Feedback and Growth

By pairing executive function strategies with regular feedback from teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and trusted adults, your Academic Coach is able to monitor your growth and offer targeted support. In addition, they’ll help you build critical competencies including time management, test-taking strategies, study skills, organization, and more. 

Students enrolled in Academic Coaching do not need a diagnosed learning difference. Instead, spaces are reserved for those who are looking to reach new levels of academic and personal achievement. Students with educational testing, however, should submit documentation in order to secure accommodations in classes, in the community, and on standardized testing.


Mary Keeley
Director of the Learning Center

Level 1

  • Private, one-on-one Academic Coaching
  • Three formal meetings with an Academic Coach each week 
  • Individualized learning plan focused on strengths, opportunities, and feedback
  • Access to subject-specific evening study sessions, workshops, and programs

Level 2

  • Small group Academic Coaching based on common learning profiles
  • Three formal group meetings facilitated by an Academic Coach each week
  • Access to subject-specific evening study sessions, workshops, and programs
"When I meet with other Kents Hill parents, they all say that their students were helped at the school in ways they found difficult to provide at the time. The experience in the Learning Skills Program made a big difference in their children’s maturity. We all describe it as transformative.”

- Kents Hill School Parent

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