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World Languages

The World Languages Department aims to develop competency in the four areas of language skill: listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of cultures other than their own. Students acquire a working knowledge of essential grammatical structures and learn to speak and understand the language in the context of specific, real-world outcomes. In t he upper levels, students also develop the ability to read, analyze, and discuss literary works, contemporary texts, and films. Note: the overarching goal of the World Languages Program is to promote bilingualism; as such, students arriving at Kents Hill already knowing multiple languages, or students who are English-language learners, may receive language waivers. World Language courses are offered at the 100-500 levels.

Featured Course: Advanced French

The course is almost fully conducted in French and students in Advanced French are expected to complete readings, watch and react to videos, converse and present fully in the target language. Students will review advanced grammatical structures as they gain in fluency and deepen their knowledge of Francophone culture, while preparing for upper-level language study at the university.

Current Course Offerings

Our World Languages Faculty

Rodrigo Badilla Lopez

Rodrigo Badilla Lopez

Spanish Teacher
Clari Hurdle

Clari Hurdle

French Teacher, Spanish Teacher
MAEd, Ohio University