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Social Studies

Social Studies at Kents Hill School
In addition to valuing the traditional curricular goals of content knowledge, all Social Studies courses emphasize skill development in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication, as well as the exploration of character and reflection. Three years of Social Studies courses, including U.S. History, are required for graduation, but the department strongly recommends taking additional elective courses, particularly during junior and senior year. (For changes to Kents Hill’s graduation requirements for the Class of 2024 and beyond, see above, pages 5-6.) The Social Studies Department offers courses in the 200-600 levels.

Featured Course: Principles of Entrepreneurship and Management

Whether in college or in a rapidly changing global economy, our graduates will navigate a world of change and uncertainty, and entrepreneurship education will help them to develop a collaborative, problem-solving, growth mindset, and the skills associated with learning through setbacks and perseverance. This course will focus on the principles of entrepreneurship and the process of small business development.

Current Course Offerings

Our Social Studies Faculty

Pete Hodgin

Pete Hodgin

Social Studies Teacher
B.A., Bowdoin College
Kim Nanof

Kim Nanof

Social Studies Department Chair, Social Studies Teacher
B.S., Northeastern University
M.S., St. Joseph's College
Wilson Onu

Wilson Onu

Associate Dean of Academics
B.A., American College Dublin
M.B.A., Lynn University
Ed.D., Lynn University
Benjamin Priest

Benjamin Priest

Associate Head of School for Academics, English Teacher
B.A., University of Maine
M.A., The State University of New York at Buffalo
Ph.D., The State University of New York at Buffalo
Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Social Studies Teacher, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
B.A., College of Wooster