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School Calendar

School Calendar 2020-21

April 2021

4/10: Required Saturday Classes
4/13: SAT for Juniors
4/14: Health and Wellness Day (No Academic Classes)
4/26: Spring Long Weekend (No Academic Classes)
4/28: In-Person Academic Classes (Monday Schedule) 

May 2021

5/3-8: Spring Fling
5/19: Health and Wellness Day (No Academic Classes)
5/20-25: Final Review and Exams
5/26: Reflection and Advisee Day
5/27-6/1: Final Review and Exams

June 2021

6/1: Underclass Awards Evening 
6/2: Underclass Students Travel Day (Depart Campus for Summer)
6/2-4: Special Senior Programming
6/4: Senior Awards Evening 
6/5: Class of 2021 Graduation

*This calendar is subject to change. Last updated on January 15, 2021.

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