Meet our Team

Linda Albert
Admissions Office Manager

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  • About Linda

    Linda joined Kents Hill School in June 2013 as Admissions Office Manager. In addition to overseeing office operations, she coordinates the Admissions Office’s systems integrations, performs database management, and manages I-20 documentation for international students.

    Linda and her husband Rick live in Augusta. Outside of school, Linda enjoys gardening, cooking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and basket weaving.

Kym Arian
Director of Human Resources
Tulane University, B.B.M.
Boston University, M.S.

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  • About Kym

    Kym joined Kents Hill School in 2019 with over twenty years of Human Resource Executive experience within domestic and international companies. She holds a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Boston University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Tulane University, and has earned her SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification. This is Kym's first position within a school system and she is enjoying the change in environment and a closer community.

    She lives with her husband and six(!) dogs in Wilton and loves to explore, read, go to the beach, and be with her family.

Emilie Arseneault
World Languages Teacher
Reed Hall Dorm Parent
Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Head Coach
Elite Fitness Coach
Union College, B.A.
Concordia University, M.A.

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  • About Emilie

    Emilie joined Kents Hill School in the fall of 2015 as a French Teacher and Assistant Girls Ice Hockey Coach. Prior to Kents Hill, Emilie completed her Masters Degree from Concordia University in Montréal Canada. Emilie was a four-year member of the NCAA Division I Women’s Hockey Team at Union College where she earned degrees in English and French. Prior to her time at Union, Emilie spent four years at Brewster Academy where she played soccer, hockey, and lacrosse.

    At Kents Hill, Emilie is the Girls Varsity Hockey Head Coach and an Elite Fitness Coach. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Emilie also runs the Female Fitness Club and is a Dorm Parent in Reed Hall.

    In her free time, Emilie enjoys playing hockey, working out, running, biking, and being outdoors.

David Balberchak
Director of Plant and Facilities

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  • About David

    David joined Kents Hill School in September of 2019 as the Director of Plant and Facilities. He holds an Associate Degree in Management from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and has also gained many years of experience in the disciplines of Facilities Management, Blueprint Reading, Building Construction, and Contract Negotiations.

    David resides in Belgrade with his wife Debra and enjoys the day trips they take to the Rocky Coastlines of Maine and making new discoveries. When chatting with David in a social setting, you may also discover his love for Chamber Music and his passion for Accordions.

Gillian Barnes
Director of Marketing
Maine Hall Dorm Parent
New Hampshire Institute of Art, B.F.A.

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  • About Gillian

    Gillian joined Kents Hill School in November 2020 as the Director of Marketing. Her specialties include crafting custom marketing plans using all sorts of tools such as social media, print, video, photography, speaking engagements, writing, and more. She enjoys learning individual stories and sharing them with the world in a strategic manner with an end-goal of educating and satisfying her audience.

    Gillian lives on campus with her husband, Brenton, and their two cats, Odetta and Romeo. Outside of work you will likely find her working on her first Young Adult Fiction novel, playing board or videogames, reading, learning more about marketing trends, spending time with friends and family, or simply binge-watching The Office for the umpteenth time.

Marc Bartholomew
Director of Technology

Gretchen Bergill
Director of College Counseling
Recreational Skiing Coach
Colby College, B.A.

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  • About Gretchen

    Gretchen assumed the role of Director of College Counseling at Kents Hill School in 2018 after thirteen years working as an Associate Director at Phillips Exeter Academy. Interested in issues of equity and inclusion and environmental awareness, Gretchen supports ACCEPT, Admissions Community Cultivating Equity and Peace Today, and has attended a number of diversity and inclusion conferences. In 2017, Gretchen rotated off the ACCIS Leadership Team after serving as Founding Schools Chair for four years. In August 2010 she was Director of the first-ever ACCIS Summer Colloquium; she also helped to plan the first two ACCIS Summer Institutes.

    Gretchen’s other professional experience includes four years at Sage Ridge School in Reno, NV, where she was the Director of College Counseling and at times Registrar and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; eleven years working in retail management for Patagonia, and an early stint in college admissions at Colby, her alma mater.

    At Kents Hill’s she is a member of the Leadership Team, directs College Counseling, and coaches Recreational Skiing.
Tammy Birtwell
College Counseling Office Administrative Assistant

Lilia Bottino, LCSW
School Counselor
University of Vermont, B.A.
University of New England, M.S.W.

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  • About Lilia

    What are your specialties?

    I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing with adolescents and families for many years. Working with teenagers is truly my passion, which I've developed through clinical work in homes, schools, and communities, as well as through research and education. I love to work in environments where I can meet those I work with where they are, and focus on fostering a strong therapeutic relationship. Kents Hill School is the perfect place for this practice, as it allows for an integrated approach to emotional support for students on campus.

    What is one wellness tip or strategy that everyone should know, but might not?

    Our relationships are our most valuable resource. In the world of Positive Psychology, the data is clear: The single most reliable predictor of happiness and mental/emotional well-being is the size, strength, and quality of your social network. The number of social relationships you have, the strength of those relationships, and the nature of those relationships create a combined value that is directly correlated with your happiness, and therefore your overall physical and mental health! I am also a big believer that laughter truly is the best medicine!

Mike Brackett
World Languages Department Chair
Spanish Teacher
Wesleyan Hall Dorm Head
University of Southern Maine, B.A.
Universite Laval, M.A.
Universite Laval, Ph.D.

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  • About DB

    After spending seven years in public school teaching Latin, French, Spanish, and German, Dr. Michael Brackett joyfully joined Kents Hill School in the fall of 2011. As Chair of the World Languages Department, Michael continues following his passion for foreign language instruction, teaching all levels of Spanish and guiding students taking other languages as an Independent Study. In his time here, he has also works closely with our international students.  

    Michael has spent his entire time at Kents Hill living in the dorms and is currently serving as Dorm Head of Wesleyan Hall. He lives there with his daughter, Summer, who will soon be attending Kents Hill herself.  

    When not working, Michael enjoys reading, studying languages, spending time with his daughter, staying fit, and watching the world’s most beautiful sunsets here on The Hill!

Will Bridgeo '04
Admissions Consultant

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  • About Will

    Will graduated from Kents Hill in the Class of 2004. He enjoys sharing his personal Kents Hill experience with prospective students and their families. In his spare time, Will enjoys playing golf and coaching Little League baseball. 

Jacob Burke
Operations and Ground Manager

Patrick Cain


Andrew Carlucci
Educational Intern
Learning Specialist
Loyola University Maryland B.A., Sociology 
Loyola University Maryland M.A.T., Secondary Social Studies 

Adam Chabot
English Department Chair
English Teacher
Juxtapose Faculty Advisor
Boys Varsity Soccer Head Coach
Boys Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Coach
University of Maine at Farmington, B.F.A.

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  • About Adam

    Adam joined Kents Hill School in 2012 and is currently serving the community as the English Department Chair, Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, Assistant Coach of the Boys Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Team, and Faculty Advisor of Juxtapose, Kents Hill’s Literary Publication. Adam holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Maine at Farmington, and prior to Kents Hill, worked as a staff writer for the Kennebunk Post newspaper.

    Adam lives in Donahue House II-East with his wife, Alyssa, and their four-year-old-son, Oscar. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey, writing, and spending time with his family.

Christopher S. Cheney
Head of School
Bowdoin College, B.S.
Harvard University, M.Ed.

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  • About Chris

    With 25 years of experience in education, Chris has spent his entire professional life preparing young leaders for maximum impact in their careers and communities.

    Prior to his tenure at Kents Hill School, Chris served as the Head of School at LEAF Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia; Assistant Dean for Admissions and University Guidance at African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa; and Chair of the Environmental Science Department and Director of College Advising at Kimball Union Academy. He has also held teaching positions at Colorado Academy, Northfield Mount Hermon School, Williston Northampton School, Milton Academy, and Hanover High School. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he earned a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, and Harvard University where he received a M.Ed. with a concentration in administration, planning, and social policy.
    His wife, Lisa DiIorio, has also dedicated her career to developing the potential of young people, most recently as Curriculum Coordinator at LEAF Academy and Head of the Writing and Rhetoric Department at African Leadership Academy. Lisa earned her undergraduate degree in English from Bates College, and graduate degree from Dartmouth College. Chris and Lisa are the parents of two daughters, Shea, age 12, and Zoe, age 10.

Diane Chick
Dean of Students
Math Teacher
Marietta College, B.A.

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  • About Diane

    What is an activity the requires math that people wouldn’t think does?

    Origami, or paper folding, is an activity that some would not think requires math. However, there are mathematicians (Erik Demaine, Thomas Hull, Robert Lang) who produce amazing mathematical origami! There is even a documentary about them and other paper-folders called "Between the Folds" that everyone should watch.

    Who is the most interesting mathematician you’ve studied?

    Mathematician John Nash Jr., impressed me with his dedication to problem-solving, especially in the area of game theory. Nash struggled with schizophrenia beginning in his early thirties. He went on to win the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and the Abel Prize. He is the only person to be awarded both of those prizes. John persevered through many lows in his life and with the help of his wife, Alicia, achieved greatness. Nash's theories continue to be used in economics.

Erica Chute P'19, P'21, P'24
Dean of Student and Residential Life
St. Michael's College, B.A.
University of Southern Maine, M.Ed.

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  • About Erica

    Erica joined the Kents Hill School in 1997, fresh out of college. She taught art, worked in Admissions, coached snowboarding, and lived in Maine Hall. After just two years, she left Kents Hill to be the Director of the Program for Academic Support and English Department Chair at Bridgton Academy. While at Bridgton, she got married, opened a private preschool, earned a graduate degree in Education Leadership, and had three children. Erica returned to Kents Hill School in 2015. Since her return, she has been the Director of Student Learning and is currently the Dean of Student and Residential Life.

    She is a published illustrator, watercolor portrait artist, silver jewelry designer, guitar player, gardener, and outdoor enthusiast. She lives on campus with her husband, three children, and a five-foot avocado plant named Avi. 
Lara Cole '09
Director of Strategic Communications and Initiatives 
English Teacher
Reed Hall Dorm Head
Northeastern University, B.A.
Northeastern University, M.S.

Tim Corey
Math Teacher
Sampson Hall Dorm Parent
Boys Varsity Baseball Coach
Elite Fitness Coach
Colby College, B.A.
Thomas College, M.Ed


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  • About Tim

    Is math a tool? Why or why not?

    Math is the ultimate form of feedback. Being able to analyze and interpret situations in real-time with a mathematical mind provides tangible quantitative support of decision-making. Using math as such a tool happens, for example, every morning when you decide when to set your alarm, how many layers to wear based on the weather, and how many eggs to eat for breakfast.

    Who is the most interesting mathematician you’ve studied?

    Bill James, credited with creating sabermetrics in baseball, is the most interesting mathematician I have studied. Mr. James was decades ahead of his time and took risks in publishing his thoughts against the conventional wisdom of baseball lifers; a true sign of courage. Mr. James paved the way for a generation of front office "quants," who may have never played the game themselves, but are able to manipulate seemingly endless data to continue to increase the ceiling of player development.

Chris Currier

Meadow Davis
Associate Head of School
Trinity College, B.A.
Notre Dame of Maryland University, M.A.

Andrew Deaett
Environmental Studies Teacher
Sustainability Coordinator
Learning Specialist

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  • About Andrew

    Andrew joined Kents Hill School in the fall of 2020 as the Environmental Studies Teacher and Sustainability Coordinator, bringing over ten years of experience in conservation and environmental education. Andrew graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Conservation and has built hiking trails with the U.S. Forest Service in coastal Alaska, volunteered on organic farms in Hawaii, and spent five years teaching at Conserve School, an immersive environmental program for high school students.

    Ask Andrew about hiking the high peaks of the White Mountains, dropping a knee while telemark skiing in western Maine, or his favorite road to ride bikes on around Kents Hill.

Jeff DeHaven
English Teacher
Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Coach
Ohio University, B.A. 
Ohio University, M.A.

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  • About Jeff

    In 1987, Jeff came to Kents Hill as a member of the English Department and Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Hockey Team along with his wife Diane Chick and their six-week-old son, Javan. Within a few short years, Jeff and Diane had another son, Ben, and Jeff took on the duties of English Department Chair, Dean of Academics, and Director of College Counseling before leaving in 1997 for North Carolina where he was Upper School Director at Ravenscroft School in Raleigh. He returned to The Hill a couple of years later to teach History and English. A year after he returned, Jeff was appointed Dean of Faculty, a position he held for 15 years. Through it all, Jeff has been a Coach or Assistant Coach of the Varsity Boys Hockey Team, Head Coach of the Varsity Boys or Girls Tennis Team, and he has taken great pride in founding and running the Kent Hill class projects program since its inception in 1995. He holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English from Ohio University.

    Jeff's son Javan graduated from Kents Hill in 2006 and Ben followed in 2008. When he's not working you can find Jeff waterskiing on Echo Lake or playing golf anywhere where golf can be played!

Shaelie Dumont
Science Teacher
Assistant Director of Community Engagement
Davis Hall Dorm Head
Girls Varsity Field Hockey Coach
Girls Varsity Softball Head Coach
Denison University, B.S.

George Dunn

Janet Dunn
Director Emerita of the Learning Center
Learning Specialist
Equestrian Coach
Keene State College, B.S.

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  • About Janet

    What are the subjects that you most enjoy helping students with?

    I most enjoy helping students with math and history. I struggled with math as a student and developed an intense dislike for the subject. However, when I began working with students many years ago, I began to approach math differently. I looked at it as a puzzle to be solved and found that the more I worked at it, the better I got. I enjoy working with students who struggle the same way I did. I even began teaching an Integrated Math class for students who need a little more explanation and support to learn the concepts. It gives me satisfaction to hear students who hated math say that they really like their math class! U.S. History is also an interest of mine, as I like learning about the history of our country. I enjoy reading historical novels and find there are so many interesting projects one can do with the information a student learns in history.

    What is your go-to organizational strategy for your own life?

Andrea Emmershy
Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Associate Head of School 

Sue Fish
Accounting Assistant
University of Maine at Augusta, B.A.

Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick
Clinical Director

Jordan Gehman
Art Department Chair
Woodworking and Design Teacher
Outing Club Activity Leader
Maine College of Art, B.F.A.
San Diego State University, M.F.A.

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  • About Jordan

    Jordan joined the Kents Hill faculty in 2019 and serves as the Chair of the Art Department and the Woodworking and Design teacher. He is also a member of the Kents Hill Outing Club.

    Jordan earned his B.F.A. in Woodworking from the Maine College of Art and his M.F.A. in Furniture Design from San Diego State University. He has been designing, making, and exhibiting furniture for fifteen years. His work has been published in books and magazines, as well as exhibited nationally and internationally.

Dylan Gifford
Visual Arts Teacher
Sampson Hall Dorm Parent
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.F.A.

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  • About Dylan

    Dylan joined Kents Hill School in 2015 as an Artist in Residence, teaching Ceramics and being an example of a working visible artist. He is currently a full-time teacher in the Visual Arts Department teaching classes like Ceramics, Metalsmithing, and Sculpture. Dylan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Champaign-Urbana and completed a post-baccalaureate program at Illinois State.

    Dylan lives on campus with his partner Chris in Sampson Hall and can often be seen walking their giant Newfoundland dog around campus. He has shown his ceramic work in galleries around Maine and the U.S. Dylan enjoys working in all kinds of mediums and is currently obsessed with knitting.

Nunzi Graziano

Admissions Marketing Coordinator
Savannah College of Art and Design, B.F.A. Advertising

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  • About Nunzi

    Nunzi joined Kents Hill School in December 2020 as the Admissions Marketing Coordinator. Having grown up just down the street from campus, she knows the true beauty of this area and is passionate about the opportunities for student growth and exploration. She loves all aspects of creative marketing, including writing, designing, and social media—all with a focus on storytelling. 

    Nunzi lives in Kent House and enjoys the gorgeous view of the ski hill and Torsey Pond. She likes golfing, biking, camping, reading, enjoying time on the lake, going to concerts, and spending time with her family, friends, and family dog named Baxter. She is involved in the community and is always willing to talk about all that this area has to offer—especially outdoors!

Nan Hambrose
Director of Athletics
Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
Rowan University, B.A.
Northeastern University, M.S.

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  • About Nan

    Nan is a former NCAA Division I Coach and accomplished athlete. She most recently served as Director of Athletics at Chatham Hall, an all-girls college-preparatory boarding school in Virginia. She spent 15 years as an NCAA Women's Basketball Coach at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Seton Hall University, Loyola University Chicago, and Wagner College. Prior leadership positions include Director of Athletics at Glenelg Country School in Maryland and Executive Director of Baltimore Board for Officials for Women's Sports. She holds a B.A. from Rowan University and M.S. from Northeastern University in Sports Leadership.

Mike Hannon
Math Teacher
Boys Varsity Baseball Head Coach
Florida Institute of Technology, B.S.
Southern New Hampshire University, M.S.

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  • About Mike

    What is an activity the requires math that people wouldn’t think does?

    You will find math is everything involving personal finance. Many investors use algorithms to follow the market and to make predictions regarding their investment decisions. Personal finance takes time effort and discipline to manage. It's not easy AND you must be intentional with your strategies. Dave Ramsey, finance guru, will say personal finance is "5th-grade math". If it is 5th-grade math, why do so many people fail at their finances? Budgeting is where the math comes into play the most. Money comes in, you have fixed bills to pay, you need to save for the future and you can even use some for FUN! The difference between the two is the math. It seems simple, but without the discipline and structure to follow a budget with 5th-grade math, you may be in debt. Don't underestimate the power of math in your personal finance decisions!

    Who is the most interesting mathematician you’ve studied?

    A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a professional development week in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Santa Fe Prep and the EE Ford Summer Teacher's Colloquium. We studied many mathematicians including Descartes, Gauss, Euler, Cantor, and Pascal. The mathematician that stood out to me most during that week was Euclid. It's hard to believe that more than 2000 years ago, Euclid and other mathematicians discovered and developed many theories and structures around what we know today as Geometry. He started with a point, defined it, and then made another point. He proceeded to draw a line between the two points to determine that the shortest distance between two points was a LINE. Seems elementary, but 2000 years ago, it was monumental and was just the beginning of his book Elements that included thirteen books of definitions, postulates, propositions, and mathematical proofs. It is arguably the most successful and influential textbook ever written. While he begins his books with elementary Geometry like parallel and perpendicular lines, the books continue through common, everyday math uses such as prime numbers, greatest common factors, and least common multiples. My favorite part of Elements is book 13 where he goes into great detail of the Platonic Solids. This is where the philosophies of Plato collide with the mathematical works of Euclid and it is fascinating to see the interconnected pieces come together.

Peter Hodgin
Social Studies Teacher
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Head Coach
Boys Junior Varsity Tennis Head Coach
Bowdoin College, B.A.

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  • About Pete

    What is your favorite obscure historical event? Why?

    While probably not an obscure event to most history geeks, the Peloponnesian War (431-405 B.C.E.) between the Athenian Empire and Sparta and its allies is one of my favorites to study, teach, and apply to the modern-day. It still dumfounds me that there isn’t already a 20-part Netflix series about it because this conflict had everything: carnage, romance, soaring oratory, and political scheming, all set against the dazzling backdrop of Greece and the Mediterranean. However, the Peloponnesian War is so much more than that. Pericles’ decision to go to war is a morality play about hubris and political legacy. The Sicilian Campaign is an economic lesson in the “sunk-cost fallacy”, and the Melian Dialogue is a Machiavellian (before Machiavelli!) exploration of realism and ethics in a time of war. The plague of Athens is an abject lesson in what Nassim Nicholas Taleb would later term “Black Swan” theory, and the trial and execution of Socrates (which birthed Plato’s “Republic” in reaction) sheds light on the promise and peril of democratic rule and independent thinking. The war provides so much analytical and conceptual fuel for current political, economic, and social discourse.

    Who is someone from the last 100 years that everyone should know about? Why?

    I went to Dag Hammarskjöld Middle School in Wallingford, Connecticut for three years, never understanding anything more about Hammarskjöld than that he had been “a pilot”. Not only is this arguably not sufficient reason to name a middle school after someone, but it’s also not even true, as I likely conflated this at age 12 with the fact that he died in a controversial plane crash while trying to mitigate the Katanga Crisis in Congo in 1961. It’s embarrassing because Dag Hammarskjöld was a giant; an architect of the progressive economic state in Europe (Hammarskjöld was Swedish), two-term Secretary-General of United Nations and arguably the most effective one it’s ever had, and posthumous recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his pursuit of global peace through “preventive diplomacy”. However, Dag Hammarskjöld also serves as an example of the importance of recognizing and valuing someone beyond their public profile. A religion professor at Bowdoin College introduced me to “Markings”, Hammarskjöld’s journal that was published in 1963 with permission that he’d seen fit to grant with a written note left in it while he was still alive. “Markings” is a breathtakingly personal and deeply moving exploration of the nature of service to others, honesty with oneself, spirituality and doubt, and identity and loneliness.

Alexa Holmes
Assistant Director of Student Life
Co-Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
Maine Hall Dorm Head
Girls Varsity Field Hockey Head Coach
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, B.A.

Lindsey Jenkins
School Nurse
Brandeis University, B.F.A.
Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, B.S.

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  • About Lindsey

    Lindsey Jenkins joined the Kents Hill community in 2013 as a school nurse. Hailing from the South Shore of Massachusetts, she holds a B.F.A. from Brandeis University and a BSN from Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing. She and her husband, Joshua (Class of '02), live with their collie, Theo, in Donahue Village on the beautiful Kents Hill campus. Lindsey enjoys sewing, crafting, and helping with the Kents Hill theater program in her spare time. She also works during the summer as a camp nurse at a regional theater in Providence, Rhode Island.

R.J. Jenkins
Visual Arts Teacher
Cross Country Head Coach
Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach
Track and Field Head Coach

Bates College, B.A.

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  • About RJ

    RJ joined Kents Hill School in 2003 as a member of the Visual Arts Department where he has taught a host of classes including Drawing and Painting, Digital Media and Graphic Design, Digital Film and Photography, and AP Studio Art. RJ holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Bates College. In addition to teaching in the classroom, he has coached multiple sports in his tenure at Kents Hill. He was the Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach from 2002-2018 and has been the Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach since 2018. He has also been the Head Coach of Varsity Cross Country Running since 2016 and is the Head Track and Field Coach as well.

    RJ is a proud parent of two Kents Hill students: Rose, Class of 2023, and Jonah, Class of 2025. He and his wife, Anne Marie are native Mainers and the family lives across the street from campus in the Robinson House. RJ enjoys being active and staying fit, playing basketball, drawing and digital illustration, and spending time with family.

Robert Keane
Art Teacher

Mary Keeley
Director of Student Learning
Director of the Akin Learning Center
Learning Specialist
St. Michael's College, B.A.
University of Maine, M.Ed

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  • About Mary

    Excited by her daughter's freshman year experience at Kents Hill School, Mary decided that she wanted to be a part of the community and joined in 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Saint Michaels College and a Masters in Education from the University of Maine with a concentration in special education and teacher training.

    Mary's three daughters Maggie '13, Anna '15, and Ellie '17 enjoyed their days on The Hill. Maggie even found her future husband Chad '13. Mary's husband, Dan volunteered as a golf and hockey coach, as well as a dorm parent. They live in Readfield with their dogs and enjoy hiking, making music, and finding eclectic restaurants.

Robert Laverdure
Thomas College, A.S.
University of Nebraska, B.S.

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  • About Robert

    Robert joined Kents Hill School in November of 2020 as the Controller. For him, choosing Kents Hill also represents his return to his home state of Maine. In his 25 years prior to joining Kents Hill, Robert has worked at select Boston area independent schools and museums in roles ranging from Staff Accountant to Director of Finance. He is delighted to be home and to bring his years of experience to be a contributing member of the Business Office team.

    Outside of work Robert and his partner enjoy hiking, backpacking, and cross country skiing, amid other outdoor pursuits, and their greyhound, Soleil.

Alison Lincoln-Rich
Interim Dean of Enrollment Management 
Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

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  • About Alison

    Alison joined Kents Hill School in 2007 as a member of the Business Office where she served as Business Office and Human Resources Manager prior to joining the Admissions team as Director of Financial Aid and Senior Associate Director of Admissions. Alison holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta. She also serves as an assistant coach of the Girls Varsity Soccer team.
    Alison is also a proud parent of Kents Hill graduate, Nathan, class of 2014. She and her husband, Todd, have four children and live in Wayne. Alison enjoys being active, hiking, biking, yoga, playing competitive volleyball, and enjoying time on the beautiful lakes Maine has to offer.  

Andy May
Chief Financial Officer
Northeastern University, B.S.
Northeastern University, M.B.A.

Cindy McAdam

Advancement Office and Database Administrator
Montana State University, B.S., Business 

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  • About Cindy

    Cindy was born and raised in Montana, so she appreciates the “work hard, play hard” attitude of Mainers. She holds a B.S. in Business from Montana State University and she has traveled and worked with Up with People, an international youth leadership and music program based out of Denver, Colorado. For over 10 years Cindy lived in greater Boston planning continuing medical education meetings for groups of 25-600 attendees in various locations around the U.S. She most recently worked at Fresenius Medical Care in Waltham, Massachusetts, managing a team of meeting planners serving 65,000 employees through conference planning, training, board meetings, and events ranging from ten attendees to 4,200 attendees.

    Now living in nearby Readfield with her husband, Jeff, and two children, Hannah and Rylan, Cindy feels blessed to be living in Maine with views that never disappoint, outside activities in every season, and the can-do Mainer attitude. She enjoys connecting with people, being part of the Kents Hill community, and helping to support the school’s goals to meet its fullest potential.  

Sarah Mcilveen

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  • About Sarah

    Sarah has worked at Kents Hill since June 2008. She has three kids with her youngest graduating in three years. She says that watching them be amazing is one of the best gifts she has been given. As she was never allowed cats as a child, her house is complete with four crazy feline furballs and one dog who wishes he was an only child.

    Engaging even in the smallest ways with the students is important to her, and years of experience in the dorms has given her the opportunity to help students decide if “the pink shirt matches the salmon shorts" (the answer is always "yeah!") and even choose which prom attire to wear. She gets to encourage them before their exams and is often given updates on their success. She has learned that the students at Kents Hill are very generous and noted that if she gives them five minutes of her time on one day, that she is rewarded with a smile and a "hello" every day after, even when they are running late for class.

Chris McInerney
Learning Specialist
Art Teacher
Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A.

Katie McLaughlin
Math Teacher
Assistant Director of Student Life
Sampson Hall Dorm Parent
Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Coach
Lifetime Sports Coach
Colby College, B.A.
Thomas College, M.S.Ed.

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  • About Katie

    Is math a tool? Why or why not?

    Math is absolutely a tool. You put it to use more than you think. Math aids individuals in being financially responsible, harnessing technical skills or trades, pursuing specific careers, or being a strong athlete. Life's toolbox would be incomplete without math.

    What is an activity the requires math that people wouldn’t think does?

    There are a lot of physical activities and sports during which people use math without realizing it. Many sports require you to consider angles, force, and torque while playing. Math is used in golf, for example, when players decide which club to use, how to grip the club, where to place their feet, and how hard to swing. Golfers must also implement math when evaluating the terrain and the slope of the fairway or the green.
Addie Michaud
Assistant to the Dean of Students
University of Maine, B.A.
University of Maine, B.S.

Maryke Moreau '09
Science Department Chair
Science Teacher
Maine Hall Dorm Parent
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Coach
Norwich University, B.S.

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  • About Maryke

    Maryke is an alumna of Kents Hill School who graduated in 2009. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Physics. In 2018, she returned to Kents Hill as a science and math faculty member. Since then she has become the Science Department Chair and started coaching the Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team.

    Maryke lives in Maine Hall with her Golden Retriever named Mishka.

Jeff Munson
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Division Head Director of Community Engagement

U.S. Naval Academy, B.S.
Naval War College, M.A.

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  • About Jeff

    Jeff Munson has been at Kents Hill School since 2001, starting as a member of both the Science and Mathematics departments. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (Physics), he spent twenty years as a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy before retiring and moving to Maine with his family. In his time here, he has taught Geometry, Precalculus, Physics, and AP Physics, and currently teaches a two-year College Physics sequence (dual enrollment with the University of Maine Augusta) as well as introductory courses in Robotics and Engineering. He was the Director of Student Activities for 18 years and served as the Science Department Chair for six years. Currently, he is the Head of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Division and is also the Director of Community Engagement. He finds his relaxation almost daily as the caretaker of the school's miles of year-round trails.

    Jeff's wife, the Reverend Doctor Karen Munson served on the faculty for 12 years as the School Chaplain and was a teacher in both the Art and Social Studies departments. Their three children are proud Kent Hill alumni—Joel '02, Elin '04, and Sara '07. Jeff and his wife live in Topsham, Maine where they spend much of their time renovating a nearly 200-year-old antique house.

Kim Nanof
Social Studies Department Chair

Social Studies Teacher
Northeastern University, B.S.
St. Joseph's College, M.S.Ed.

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  • About Kim

    Kim joined Kents Hill School in 2004 as a college counselor, history teacher, and assistant coach for the Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey program. Prior to Kents Hill, Kim taught English at Lawrence Academy after previously working in operations, management, and loss prevention for a New York-based company. She completed her Master of Science in Education from Saint Joseph’s College and her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Kim was a four-year member of the NU Women’s Ice Hockey team where she served as a senior captain; earning one Beanpot title and four bids to play for a national championship. 

    At Kents Hill, Kim is the Chair of the Social Studies department and a college counselor. She is currently the coach mentor for the Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey program after serving as the head coach for many years. She continues to serve on the NEPSGIHA executive board as the northern district league representative for girls’ prep school ice hockey. 

    Kim lives with her husband Tom and their Weimaraner Caspar in Belgrade, ME. She enjoys hiking, fishing, running, and traveling.

Pavel Navrat

Coach, Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
University of Vermont, B.S. Business Administration
University of Vermont, MBA

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  • About Pavel

    Coach Pavel Navrat grew up in Prague, Czech Republic, coming to the United States to attend Westminster School in Connecticut, as a boarding student-athlete. Coach Navrat received a full four-year scholarship and went on to play Division 1 college hockey at the University of Vermont. While at Vermont, Coach Navrat played on some of the best teams in school history and competed in the NCAA Division 1 Frozen Four. His teammates included Stanley Cup Winners Marty St. Louis, Eric Perrin, and Tim Thomas, and a current NHL coach Dominique Ducharme. After his hockey career, Coach Navrat returned to school, earning his MBA degree in finance, and graduating top of the class. In addition to coaching the ice hockey team, Coach Navrat runs hockey camps every summer, coaching many talented hockey players from around the world.

    "At the Kents Hill School, we measure athletic success through personal growth, individual and team improvement, and by the bonds created between teammates and coaches. When students learn how to compete at the highest level and how to best work with one another as a team to achieve set goals, they will be better prepared to be citizens of the global world." —Coach Navrat

Jayne Ntanos


Jamie Olsen

Wilson Onu
Associate Dean of Academics
Social Studies Teacher
American College Dublin, B.A.
Lynn University, M.B.A
Lynn University, Ed.D.

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  • About Wilson

    Wilson joined Kents Hill School in 2017 serving as a College Counselor and Test Coordinator with the College Counseling Office. Prior to that, Wilson served as an Admissions Counselor at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida for eight years during which time he visited Kents Hill School numerous times. Around Kents Hill, he is known for his signature greeting "happy days!" And being a Sampson Hall Dorm Parent.
    In his spare time, Wilson reads and writes short stories, enjoys a good cup of tea, and cooks for the Sampson Hall boys (he is a Dorm Parent there). He is also a firm believer that the Avengers catalog of movies should be required viewing for all humans, and that everyone should listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks (narrated by Jim Dale) at least once. 

Joseph Paradis
Long-term Substitute Math Teacher
Learning Specialist 
University of New Hampshire, M.S.T.

Myung Eun Park
School Chaplain
Boston University, M.Div, S.T.M.

Ellen Pelkey
Accounting Assistant

Katie Petrillo
Math Department Chair
Director of Faculty Experience 
Math Teacher
Davis Hall Dorm Parent
Northeastern University, B.A.

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  • About Katie

    Is math a tool? Why or why not?

    Math is a tool that exists every day all around us and we often have no idea when we are using it. It is obvious when we are asked to use math in our classes, but we also use it on the athletics fields and on the ice when we try to aim at the right angle to make a pass or score a goal. We use math when we are out shopping and think about how much money we have to spend. Math creeps into life while we are driving cars and riding bikes and need to think about slowing down and speeding up. We are all constantly using math in places where we most, and least, expect it.

    Who is the most interesting mathematician you’ve studied?

    When I think of mathematicians, one of my favorites, M.C. Escher, described himself only as an artist and someone who was not skilled at math. I love to think about him as a mathematician and to use his works in my classroom teaching. He is a prime example of one who lacked confidence in math, yet produced works of art that have astounded mathematicians for decades. I hope that Escher shows that you can be "good at math" even when you do not initially realize it.

Alecia Pickett
English Teacher
Reed Hall Dorm Parent
Girls Varsity Soccer Coach
Union College, B.A.

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  • About Alecia

    What is a book that changed your life?

    The work that changed my life is a short story by Roger Zelazny called “For a Breath I Tarry”. The title pays homage to an A.E. Housman poem in his collection, A Shropshire Lad. In essence, the poem says, we are in this world for a brief period, so say what’s in your heart before the wind carries us away again. Zelazny’s tale is the story of a robot on Earth many years after mankind’s extinction. The robot, Frost, works tirelessly to discover what it means to be human. The story changed me because it opened my eyes to the beauty of the human condition. To be human is to be messy, and make mistakes. In reading this story, I realized how lucky we are to experience our lives if we allow ourselves to wholly embrace the process.

    What is your best trick for curing writer’s block?

    I’ve found that the best trick for writer’s block is to talk to yourself. Every time I get stuck, I try to say what I’m thinking out loud. We tend to be stronger speakers than writers, as a rule. We talk all day, every day, but writing for various reason feels daunting. To combat the monster, I put the pen down, the computer away, and pretend I’m presenting or having a conversation with a friend regarding whatever subject I’m stuck on. Nine times out of ten, I can explain it out loud well enough to go back to the drawing board and get something on paper. It’s never pretty in its first draft form, but just to write and have something is always better than being stuck.

Amy Pond


Dr. Benjamin Priest
Dean of Academics
Humanities (English, Social Studies, World Languages) Division Head
English Teacher
Wesleyan Hall Dorm Parent
University of Maine, B.A.
The State University of New York at Buffalo, M.A.
The State University of New York at Buffalo, Ph.D.

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  • About Ben

    What is a book that changed your life?

    The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I grew up in a small and conservative-ish town in Maine. Diversity wasn't a big focus of my K-12 education, and while I was a big reader in high school, I started college without ever having read a novel by a black woman. This one's a doozy - it's harrowing in places, but the writing is consistently gorgeous and the ending will make you cry or cheer or both. Reading Walker as a college sophomore lifted me out of my experience in a life-altering way. I still feel grateful to the teacher who introduced me to her work.

    What is your best trick for curing writer’s block?

    Give yourself permission to write badly when attempting a first draft. Many of us feel intimidated when we open a document and see all of that blank space; the best way to overcome that feeling is to write whatever comes to mind and promise yourself that you can always go back and perfect it later. The Beat Generation writers used to say, "First thought, best thought." That's almost certainly wrong. Write badly the first time around and revise your work later.

Josh Reynolds
Director of Snowsports
Assistant Athletic Director
Reed Hall Dorm Parent
Alpine Skiing Coach
Mountain Biking Coach
University of New Hampshire, B.A.

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  • About Josh

    Josh graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1995 and served in the United States Army as a commissioned officer. Following his military service, Josh returned with his wife and children to his home state of Maine, becoming a registered Maine Guide and the Operations Manager at New England Outdoor Center. Following a career in corporate sales and non-profit fundraising, Josh has returned to his outdoor roots, managing Kents Hill's trails, waterfront, Joanne and Dick O’Connor Alpine Training Center, and outdoor spaces. 

    As the Director of Snowsports, Josh oversees the Alpine Training Center and all on-snow programming. He is a U.S. ski and snowboarding certified coach with 10 years of experience coaching skiers from U12-U19. During the spring, summer, and fall, he manages external programs, facility rentals, trails, the waterfront, and works in the athletic department.

Rebecca Reynolds
Associate Director of Admissions
Reed Hall Dorm Parent
University of New Hampshire, B.S.

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  • About Rebecca

    Becca is a parent of a Kents Hill School Freshman (Eli) and is pleased to have the opportunity to share KHS with young people from around the world. She lives on campus with her husband Josh and their two children, and enjoys exploring the trails on our property with her dog Pepper.

Chris Ross

School Physician (Evenings: MaineGeneral)

Mackenzie Sage
Science Teacher
Learning Specialist
Maine Hall Dorm Parent
Cross Country Coach
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Coach
Hobart and William Smith College, B.A

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  • About Mackenzie

    What are the subjects that you most enjoy helping students with?

    The two subjects I enjoy helping my students with most would be history and chemistry. Chemistry was one of my favorite subjects throughout college and high school. I love chemistry because it gives me the ability to better understand some of the building blocks of the world around us. I also love helping a student with their history work. Being able to work with students to connect historical events and the ways in which they still impact our lives today is always interesting and exciting. It is also fun to show them the creative ways in which we can tell the stories of what has already happened and how we can learn from and improve upon the past. 

Chad Sisson

Coach, Girls Varsity Soccer

Trevor Slater
PEAK Program Chair
Learning Specialist
Social Studies Teacher
Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Head Coach
Outing Club Director

Hampshire College, B.A.
University of Southern Maine, M.Ed.

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  • About Trevor

    Trevor joined Kents Hill School three years ago as a teaching faculty member and Outdoor Programs Director. Prior to Kents Hill, he worked most recently at Chewonki Day School and before that was a founding faculty member of the Harpswell Coastal Academy Public Charter School. Trevor holds a Masters in Education with a focus in Special Education from the University of Southern Maine and a Bachelors degree from Hampshire College.

    Trevor is also the proud parent of two Kents Hill students. His wife and children all live on campus where they enjoy walking our dog in the woods, swimming at the waterfront, and playing basketball at the Alfond Athletics Center.

Bailey Smith

Learning Center Teacher
Learning Specialist

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  • About Bailey

    Bailey joined Kents Hill School in 2019 as a member of the Admissions team where she served as the facilitator of tours and events on campus. In 2020, Bailey moved into her current position in the Learning Center as a Learning Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double minor in psychology and behavioral science from the University of Maine at Augusta. While Bailey has only worked here for two years, she has lived at Kents Hill School with her family for 13 years.

    Bailey and her husband Brian Smith are the proud parents of Ethan Smith ‘24, Mason Smith, and Ava Smith. Bailey enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and her black labrador puppy, Willow.

Brian Smith
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
Social Studies Teacher
Varsity Golf Head Coach
Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach
Faculty Advisor for the Black Student Union and The GROUP
Davis Hall Dorm Parent
College of Wooster, B.A.

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  • About Brian

    Brian "Smitty" Smith joined Kents Hill School in 2008 as a member of the Math Department and Learning Skills Center where he served as an Algebra I and Algebra II Teacher and Learning Skills Coach prior to joining the History Department in 2012 where he took on teaching U.S. History, AP European History, and various elective courses. In 2017 Smitty became the Director of Postgraduate Studies and as of August 2020 was named the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging. Smitty holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the College of Wooster where he played Varsity Football and was a member of the Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity. He also serves as Head Coach of both the Varsity Golf Team and the Men's Varsity Basketball Team.

    Smitty and his wife, Bailey, have three children (Ethan '24, Mason, and Avayla ) and live on campus and in Coplin Plantation. Smitty enjoys frequent trips to Walt Disney World, working out, sports, grilling, outdoor yard work, and time on Flagstaff Lake, in the Carrabassett Valley rivers, and woods during the summer.

Margaret Staggs

Paul Terranova

Maureen Whitestone
Assistant Director of the Akin Learning Center
Social Studies Teacher
Learning Specialist

Marywood University, B.S.
Bowling Green University, M.A.

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  • About Maureen

    Maureen began working at Kents Hill School in 2004 as part of the Health Center team. She worked as a School Counselor for 16 years and also has served as the Coordinator of the Ninth Grade Orientation Program and Ninth Grade Class Advisor for many years. She has recently moved from the Health Center to a new role as the Assistant Director of the Akins Learning Center, focusing on providing learning support to individual students. Maureen also teaches two courses in the Social Studies Department: Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Marywood University and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Bowling Green State University. She is also active in the area of Performing Arts, “coaching” the after school Theater Program.

    Maureen and her husband David live in nearby Winthrop and are the proud parents of three children. Their two oldest children are Kents Hill alumni (Ben, Class of 2015 and Zach, Class of 2018) and their youngest child, Robin, is currently a tenth grade student at Kents Hill.

Robert Whittaker
Director of Advancement
1614 Main Street, Kents Hill, Maine 04349       |       207-685-4914       |       info@kentshill.org