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Signature Offerings

Four-Dimensional (4D) Academic Curriculum

Every Kents Hill course and learning experience is designed around four distinct dimensions - knowledge, skills, character, and reflection - to prepare students for success far beyond the campus and at outstanding colleges and universities. Students have tremendous flexibility in course selection from the start, including STEM, visual arts, business, entrepreneurship, government, current events, sustainability, and more.

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

Kents Hill’s vision places diversity, equity, and belonging at the center of student life, with an unyielding commitment to anticipate the needs of an increasingly diverse community and approach programs, systems, and community building across the organization with intentionality.

Akin Learning Center

For more than three decades, Kents Hill has refined and honed its expertise in nurturing diverse learning profiles. The Learning Skills Program offers three levels of support that balance academic tutoring with individualized instruction to build advocacy, awareness, confidence, and resilience.

KHS-360 Advisory Program

Kents Hill approaches advisory as an iterative, holistic, and year-round experience. Dedicated faculty advisors partner with students and families to deeply understand their unique needs, interests, and aspirations - both within and beyond the classroom walls - and create a personalized learning pathway that is regularly reviewed and refined.


The recognition of and commitment to wellbeing has never been stronger. Kents Hill is building on its strong foundation and devoting substantial resources to understanding its current climate and designing intentional, thoughtful programs to improve mental and physical health for students, faculty, and staff.