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During their years at Kents Hill School, students can:

  • Explore Eastern beliefs and discuss intercultural competencies
  • Gaze at the stars, explore plankton ecology, and coastal erosion
  • Design a custom course that delves into their interests 
  • Reach Calculus AB and AP Biology
  • Discuss international relations and environmental resource use
  • Discover Dickens, write poetry, and study film
  • Partner with students from Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby Colleges
  • Read Don Quixote and Le Petit Prince in their native languages
  • Dabble in DNA, investigate diseases, and study bloodstains
  • Publish original photography, music, and short stories
  • Debate ethics and morality 
  • Paint, act, carve, sing, drum, design, build, film, and sculpt
For more information about specific course offerings, please view the Kents Hill School Course Prospectus

Special Programs

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  • Academic Update Periods

    At Kents Hill School, we have a special responsibility to ensure that your child is progressing towards their fullest potential and developing the skills, competencies, and character necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond. At regular intervals throughout the year called “academic update” periods, faculty advisors engage students in structured conversations regarding academic progression, effort and growth, instructor feedback, and areas of focus. An additional tool to frame conversations may include “concern reports,” in which a teacher provides a deeper dive into student progression and plan for support. 

    The results of these conversations are shared with parents and guardians to provide a comprehensive lens into your child’s life at Kents Hill School.
  • Advising Program

    Our advising program pairs students with faculty members that act as guides, resources, and mentors to ensure success in all aspects of school life. Advisors meet individually with students during the advising period built into the daily schedule and share weekly lunches with their advising groups. Advisors guide students in choosing courses and managing academic and extracurricular schedules, and is someone who students turn to with any questions or concerns.
  • Evening Study Hall

    Evening study hall runs from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Students may study in their residence halls or at the library, and are encouraged to attend a number of workshops and programming (start smart seminar, writing lab, math and science lab, and more) that are offered nightly in the Akin Learning Center.

    Students who would benefit from additional academic support - as identified by teachers and/or the Dean of Academics on a regular basis - will be required to attend a structured study session during their “free” study period in the academic day. During this time, students will work one-on-one and in small groups with Learning Skills Program teachers who specialize in academic coaching, focused support, and study skills.
  • Learning Skills Program

    With the establishment of the Learning Skills Program in 1979, Kents Hill School became one of the first independent schools in the nation to offer academic support tailored to the needs of individual students. Utilizing the Landmark College academic coaching model, dedicated teachers provide students with transformative academic and emotional support focused on self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-determination. The Learning Skills Program is located in the Akin Learning Center, a new facility that offers innovative spaces designed for one-on-one work, independent study, group projects, and hands-on, active learning. To learn more, please click here.
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Program

    Kents Hill School offers a comprehensive, English Language Learners (ELL) program for non-native English speakers. In addition to a 3-level progressive curriculum, special trips are offered throughout the year to aid students in learning about American culture and allowing for “real-world” practice and development. To learn more about the international student experience, please click here.
  • Postgraduate Program

    Kents Hill School offers a postgraduate year for high school graduates seeking the opportunity to grow as a student, athlete, and leader before college. The program centers around an immersive leadership seminar in which students are challenged and supported in developing effective leadership skills necessary for success in college and beyond. Their experience is further enriched by the opportunity to improve grades and test scores, take college preparatory and Advanced Placement classes, participate in community service, mature as scholar-athletes, and develop formative relationships with faculty mentors.

Learning is Interactive

The Kents Hill School curriculum offers over 100 courses that challenge students to apply what they learn through critical thinking and problem-solving. The small classes at Kents Hill School allow students to take initiative, think independently, and explore ideas with outstanding teachers who also serve as mentors, dorm parents, coaches, advisors, and friends. Classes are focused on collaborative, project-based learning and discussion and discovery.

With a wide range of Advanced Placement, honors, and elective courses to choose from, students are able to delve deeply into such topics as Environmental Studies, Literature and Film, Introduction to Robotics, Economics, and more. For students who wish to study subjects outside the standard curriculum, independent study is an option.


Christopher Gibson
Dean of Academics 
1614 Main Street, Kents Hill, Maine 04349
Since 1824, Kents Hill School has been dedicated to providing transformative experiences rooted in the power of community, character, and core values.