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During their years at Kents Hill School, students can:

  • Collaborate with students from Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby College on novel research projects
  • Participte in Smart Start, Avoid the Exam Cram, and Freshman Focus workshops
  • Earn college credit from the University of Maine at Farmington in physics, chemistry, writing, and music
  • Know when to ask for help from advisors, teachers, classmates, and dorm parents
  • Learn the basics of throwing a pot on an electric potter’s wheel
  • Practice short- and long-term goal setting and reflection
  • Teach a Lego Mindstorm robot to dance
  • Interview an alumni to discover what college academics are like
  • Dig into personal finance, saving, borrowing, and investing
  • Visit local elementary schools to teach art and ecology
  • Create a company or product that solves a campus problem
  • Advocate for a local or global issue during School Meeting
  • Debate ethics and values with classmates from around the world
  • Spearhead a petition for eco-friendly water bottle filling stations
  • Paint, act, carve, sing, drum, design, build, film, and sculpt

Special Programs

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  • Advisory Program

    The advising program is about making connections that last a lifetime. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of the school year who is dedicated to providing support and guidance, both in formal gatherings and impromptu meetings. Whether a student is seeking advice on academics, athletics, social issues, or simply needs to know that someone is rooting for them, advisors are there to mentor, guide, and provide support on a wide variety of issues.

    Advisors meet individually with students during a period built into the daily schedule and share weekly lunches and/or dinners with their groups, ensuring that students are both recognized as individuals and connected to a larger group. Advisors are also the main point of contact between Kents Hill School and parents, ensuring that families are involved, informed, and engaged no matter where they are in the world. 
  • Health, Happiness, and Wellness

    We believe that goals for each student are multifaceted and evolve throughout their Kents Hill School experience. Through a focus on social-emotional learning and growth, students grow by encountering challenges and developing the character, skills, and knowledge to overcome them. Whether it's leading a team to the championship game, getting to where you need to be on time, managing a full academic schedule, or tackling a tricky social situation, students know that they have a team behind them that believes in their individual potential. We accomplish this through ...

    • Two full-time counselors to support all members of our community
    • Structured advising and mentorship program
    • Health and wellness programming for each grade level
    • Dorm-specific events, conversations, and programming
    • Relationships with local doctors, specialists, and hospitals
    • Dedicated campus doctor for illness and injury
    • Proactive, professionally staffed Health Center with two full-time nurses
    • 15 minutes from MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta, Maine
    • One hour from Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine
  • Academic Growth and Potential

    We believe in growth and potential in all aspects of a student's experience. At regular intervals throughout the year called “academic update” periods, faculty advisors engage students in conversations regarding academic progression, effort and growth, teacher feedback, and areas of focus. An additional tool to frame conversations may include “concern reports,” in which a teacher provides a deeper dive into student progression and plan for support.

    Students who would benefit from additional support attend a study session during a regular period in the academic day. During this time, students work one-on-one and in small groups with Learning Skills Program teachers who specialize in academic coaching, focused support, and study skills.

    This support is coupled with evening study hall, which runs from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Students study in their dorms or at the library, and are encouraged to attend a number of workshops (start smart seminar, writing lab, math and science lab, and more) that are offered nightly.
  • Learning Skills Program

    Utilizing the Landmark College academic coaching model, dedicated Learning Skills Program teachers provide students with transformative academic and emotional support focused on self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-determination. The Learning Skills Program is located in the Akin Learning Center, a new facility that offers innovative spaces designed for one-on-one work, independent study, group projects, and hands-on, active learning.
  • Postgraduate Program

    A postgraduate year for high school graduates provides students with the opportunity to grow before college and university. The program centers around an immersive leadership seminar and real-world internship program, which is further enriched by the opportunity to improve grades and test scores, take college preparatory classes, mature as scholar-athletes, and develop formative relationships with faculty mentors.
  • English Language Services (ELS) Program

    The English Language Services (ELS) program provides targeted language- and skills-based support. Students strengthen their language abilities through an introduction to academic content and fortify their skills as they enter mainstream classes. The program is divided into two tracks: a first year program that builds language skills and a second and third year support program. Ideal ELS participants are international students who have earned TOEFL exam scores between 40 and 80 or whose teachers recommend additional support.

Learning is Real and Relevant

The Kents Hill School curriculum offers over 100 courses that challenge and support students to apply what they learn. Our small classes allow students to take initiative, think independently, and explore ideas with outstanding teachers who also serve as mentors, dorm parents, coaches, advisors, and friends. Classes are focused on collaborative, project-based learning where students may find themselves working on novel research with students from Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby College, or earning college credit from the University of Maine at Farmington in physics, chemistry, or writing. 

Our program offers a wide range of College Prep, Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Level classes to ensure that students reach their potential. With the introduction of the Academic Transformation Team in Spring 2018, we are taking steps to ensure that Kents Hill is on the leading edge of student-centered learning and teaching, while honoring the values that have made us strong for nearly 200 years. 
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Since 1824, Kents Hill School has been dedicated to providing transformative experiences rooted in the power of community, character, and core values.