Community and Connection

Something special is happening here. While so many schools talk about community, it’s hard to define and even harder to find. At Kents Hill, community doesn’t necessarily come from a single program, experience, or initiative. Instead, it comes from something far more important. Connection. 
Kents Hill students aren't only connected to one another. They are deeply connected to their teachers, dorm parents, advisors, coaches. They are connected to an almost 200-year-history and 400 acres of wooded trails, rolling hills, and a beautiful waterfront. They are connected to learning and discovery, community and belonging, and courage and purpose. It's no wonder that when we ask our students what word they most associate with Kents Hill, it's "home."

4D Academic Curriculum

Kents Hill's innovative Four-Dimensional (4D) Academic Curriculum infuses each course with four key components: knowledge, skills, character, and reflection. Students select from over 100 courses that prepare them for the future of school, work, and life, while providing them with the opportunity to tackle real-world issues and areas that they are passionate about. This year, we're excited to introduce Project Based Learning units for each course that will not only allow for problem-solving and creativity, but the chance to make our community, and world, a better place. 

Don't miss our Virtual Learning Exhibition, which showcases some exemplary pieces of student work for the 2019-20 academic year, many of which were completed while Kents Hill embraced a remote learning model in response to COVID-19 and unpredicted changes around the globe.

Character and Values

Learning at Kents Hill is real and relevant. We educate the whole student, preparing them to live in the deeply integrated, complex, and unpredictable world of today and the future. In fact, we focus as much on character, values, and leadership as we do intellectual development and growth.

Through participation in the PEAK Program (Principles, Ethics, and Action at Kents Hill) students explore self-knowledge and mindfulness, learn about ethics and decision-making, consider their own values and beliefs, and, ultimately, discover who they are and what they stand for. They also wrestle with difficult problems and conversations, practice leadership through ways that speak to them, and find ways to give back to the people and places that have made a difference in their lives.

List of 15 items.

  • Innovative 4D academic curriculum

  • Community of 200 students grades 9-Postgraduate Year

  • three hours from boston logan international airport

  • private ski area on campus for skiing and snowboarding

  • character and leadership development program

  • Learning Skills Program

  • 400 acre campus in central maine with wooded trails and private waterfront

  • 20+ athletic opportunities including alpine skiing, soccer, ice hockey, lifetime sports, and tennis

  • 5:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio

  • notable alumni include Leon Leonwood Bean, inventor and founder of L.L.Bean

  • 30+ clubs and activities including green team, S.L.O.T.H. radio, student council, and Model u.n.

  • real-world problem solving through project based learning and internships

  • 20+ visual, digital, music, and performing art courses offered per semester

  • recipient of Siemens Foundation Award for achievement in science and mathematics

  • voted best private school in maine by down east magazine