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Kents Hill sees school differently. We are not just another college preparatory school. We are preparing students for a lifetime of endless possibilities.

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Our supportive and personal academic program ensures that students are well prepared and confident to meet the opportunities of higher education, the realities of the future of work, and the obligations of global citizenship.

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Learning is real and relevant. Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication take center stage in each course as students tackle real-world problems. 

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Together, students explore their own values, engage with people who think and behave differently, and use their voice for good. 

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We believe that goals and growth are far more important than grades and test scores. Time is built into in our day for students to "pause" and reflect on where they are and where they are going, and share this learning with others. 

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Sugarloaf Ski Resort
Colby College
Hallowell, Maine
Sunday River Ski Resort
Bates College
Augusta State Airport
The Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Freeport Outlet
Bowdoin CollegeE
Portland, Maine
Boston Logan International Airport

90 minutes

to Sugarloaf

40 minutes

to Colby College

20 minutes

to hallowell, maine

90 minutes

to sunday river

40 minutes

to Bates College

20 minutes

to augusta state airport

90 minutes

to the center for maine contemporary art

45 minutes

to L.L. Bean & the freeport outlets

40 minutes

to bowdoin college

60 minutes

to portland, Maine

3 Hours

to Boston Logan International Airport

Grounded in Maine, Connected to the World

The Kents Hill experience is both local and global. Our 400-acre campus - including a skiing and snowboarding center, miles of wooded trails, and pristine lakefront access - provides each student with the space to learn and play beyond the classroom. Internships, community engagement, and global experiences are no longer an add-on, they are an important part of the Kents Hill experience.

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Built on Belonging

We believe that as a community we can make our school, and the world, a better place. Get a sense of what life at Kents Hill is really like by following us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Kents Hill Today

With Gratitude

Follow along with senior Nora Castonguay's independent study as she recounts her days on The Hill, interviews community members, and makes a name for herself in the blogging world.

It’s been a year in which the days feel like months and yet the months feel like seconds. My time on The Hill is coming to a close, and my life is about to change very drastically and very quickly – as I’m sure many of my readers are experiencing as well. I was talking to a friend yesterday about the end of senior year, and she reminded me that we’re all going through it together, at the same time. She reminded me that, despite the drastically different futures we’re all headed to, we’re in the same place now, and that is all that really matters. “Sometimes it’s okay to take it day by day,” she said. Drop into the now, allow yourself to fully experience this exciting yet fleeting time, and worry about the rest later. 

Before I turn the tassel on my graduation cap, I would like to say a few things. First of all, thank you to whoever is reading this. It means the world to me that someone on the other side of a screen somewhere is taking the time to get to know me through my own thoughts. This blog has been a space for me to write and think and express myself, and it amazes me that anyone at all finds my words interesting. Thank you to the people that have shaped my Kents Hill experience beyond this blog; you are the ones who have prompted these pieces, and I would not have had anything to write about if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you to my teachers – you have given me an academic experience like no other; you have kept me motivated, accountable, and successful.

And to my class – I am so glad I got this time with you. It is such a beautiful coincidence that we all ended up here together; I wouldn’t wish for any other group of people to have shared these last few years with. You have all taught me more than I can even begin to understand, even right now. I have learned so much about myself and the world in general here on The Hill, beyond the scope of academics and writing essays. I have come to know the things that uplift me and the things that don’t, and I have acquired the skills to be myself, completely. I have learned the importance of community, of leaning on one another, of being aware that you are not alone. I have gained interests and pursued passions, I have experienced new things, I have even traveled to Costa Rica – something ninth grade me wouldn’t have thought was possible during high school. I wish I could say that I understand the impact of this place, but the truth is, it’s still setting in. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning from the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been, as there are countless lessons to be found in reflection. I find comfort in the fact that, even though I’m leaving, my connection with Kents Hill School will last a very long time.

Once again, thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and I hope I get the chance to talk to you again. Perhaps then, I will have some more things to share about just how much this place has impacted me. 

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Spring Athletics Celebration 2023

On Tuesday May 23, 2023, our community gathered in the Bodman Performing Arts Center to celebrate an incredible spring athletics season.

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, our community gathered in the Bodman Performing Arts Center to celebrate an incredible spring athletics season. Spring seasons seem to always be short and a little bittersweet. This spring season the Huskies brought home four team MAISAD titles, an individual MAISAD champion, and many other individual accolades. 

You can watch the full awards ceremony here and check out the gallery of images here.

Varsity Track & Field

Most Improved Award: 

Boys- Alex S. '25

Girls- Blythe D. '26 

Most Valuable Award: 

Boys- Jonah J. '25

Girls- Rose J. '23

Coaches Award: 

Boys- Alex C. '23

Girls- Naomi M. '23 

MAISAD All League Selections:

100M- Naomi M. '23 3rd

200M- GG M. '26 4th, Abi S. '26 6th

400M- Naomi M. '23 1st, Kaylee F. '23 3rd, Laila M. '24 4th

800M- Blythe D. '26 1st, Brie L. '24 3rd, Stefani M. '26 4th

1500M- Brie L. '24 1st

100M Hurdles- Rose J. '23 1st

300M Hurdles- Rose J. '23 1st

4x100M Relay- 1st: Kaylee F. '23, GG M. '26, Stefani M. '26, Laila M. '24

4x400M Relay- 2nd: Brie L. '24, Blythe D. '26, Kaylee F. '23, Laila M. '24

High Jump- Rose J. '23 2nd

Long Jump- Naomi M.'23 2nd, Laila M. '24 4th, GG M. '26 5th

Triple Jump- Rose J. '23 2nd, Naomi M. '23 3rd

Shot Put- Hannah B. '23 2nd, Lena O. '23 3rd

Javelin- Hannah B. '23 4th

Discus- Hannah B. '23 4th

100M- Alex C. '23 4th, Gladstone M. '25 6th

800M- Jonah J. '25 1st, Eli R. '24 4th

1500M- Eli R. '243rd

4x100M Relay- 2nd: Gladstone M. '25, Ben S. '25, Norris A. '24, Alex C. '23

4x400M Relay- 3rd: Ben S. '25, Gladstone M. '25, Eli R. '24, Jonah J. '25

High Jump- Jonah J. '25 1st

Long Jump- Norris A. '24 4th

Triple Jump- Jonah J. '25 1st, Norris A. '24 4th

Javelin- Aidan H. '24 3rd, Thomas O. '23 5th


NEPSAC All League Selections: 

Jonah J. '25- Triple jump

Rose J. '23- triple jump, 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, NEPSTA MVP

Naomi M. '23- triple jump

Laila M. '25- long jump

Myasia W. '23- discus

NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: 

Jonah J. '25- High Jump

Rose J. '23- 4x400 relay

Naomi M. '23- 4x400 relay

Brie L. '24- 4x400 relay

Kaylee F. '23- 4x400 relay


MAISAD Champions- Girls 

MAISAD 3rd Place- Boys

NEPSTA DIII New England Track Championship: 

Girls- 5th 

Boys- 16th 


Varsity Girls Tennis

Most Improved Award: Julieta C. '24

Most Valuable Award: Lena O. '25

Coaches Award: Chelsea G. '23

NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: Lena O. '25


League Record: 2-4



Varsity Boys Tennis

Most Improved Award: Austin W. '23 

Most Valuable Award: Nathan H. '25 

Coaches Award: Scott T. '23 

MAISAD All League Selections: Scott T. '23, Nathan H. '25, Austin W. '23, Tyler C. '23

NEPSAC All League Selections: Scott T. '23 


MAISAD Individual Champion: Scott T. '23

MAISAD Individual Runner Up: Nathan H. '25 

MAISAD Doubles Runner Up: Austin W. '23, Tyler C. '23 


League Record: 2-4



JV Boys Tennis 

Most Improved Award: Sam S. '24

Most Valuable Award: Olivier L. '23 

Coaches Award: Jacob N. '25 


Overall Record:  4-0


Varsity Softball

Most Improved Award: Sam H. '26 

Most Valuable Award: Phoebe S. '23

Coaches Award: Logan M. '23 

MAISAD All League Selections: Phoebe S. '23, Austyn C. '23, Megan M. '24, Saige M. '23

NEPSAC All League Selections: Logan M. '23, Phoebe S. '23, Rowan W. '26

NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Megan M. '24, Saige M. '23, Amelia Q. '24


League Record: 3-0

Overall Record: 5-5



Varsity Baseball

Most Improved Award: Antoine G. '23

Most Valuable Award: Zak B. '23

Coaches Award: Tyler S. '23

MAISAD All League Selections: Zak B.' 23, Tyler S. '23, Alex W. '23, Garrison M. '24

NEPSAC All League Selections: Zak B. '23, Garrison M. '24, Alex W. '23

NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: Tyler S. '23, Ben H. '25, Antoine G. '23 


League Record: 4-1

Overall Record: 7-10



Varsity Boys Lacrosse 

Most Improved Award: Matt I. '24

Most Valuable Award: Barrett L. '23

Coaches Award: Holden H. '23

MAISAD All League: Barrett L. '23, Holden H. '23 Sam V. '23

NEPSAC All League: Barrett L. '23, Holden H. '23

NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Gavin S. '23, Sam V. '23


League Record: 6-0

Overall Record: 10-5

MAISAD Runners-up


Varsity Girls Lacrosse 

Most Improved Award: Palmer M. '26

Most Valuable Award: Ava N. '23

Coaches Award: Clara Eve L. '23

MAISAD All League Selections: Josie H. '23, Ava N. '23 Clara Eve L. '23, Kaylyn B. '24

NEPSAC All League Selections: Zoe C. '24, Abi G. '24, Kaylyn B. '24

NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: Sarah M.R. '24, Julia S. '23, Lily W. '24


League Record: 5-0

Overall Record: 7-7



JV Boys Lacrosse

Most Improved Award: Daniel V. C. '25

Coaches Award: Milan A. '26


Overall Record: 4-7-1


Most Valuable Manager Award: 

Johanna S.'25 - Girls Varsity Lacrosse


Sportsmanship Award  

Austin W. '23 - Boys Varsity Tennis 

Chelsea G. '23 - Girls Varsity Tennis



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Two Seniors Tab Regional Poetry Awards

Clara-Eve L. '23 and Ali M. '23, students in Mr. Chabot's Creative Writing class, placed 1st and 2nd place respectively in the 2023 Plunkett Poetry Festival Contest sponsored by the University of Maine at Augusta. 

Clara-Eve L. '23 and Ali M. '23, students in Mr. Chabot's Creative Writing class, placed 1st and 2nd place respectively in the 2023 Plunkett Poetry Festival Contest sponsored by the University of Maine at Augusta. 

The Plunkett Poetry Festival Contest is a yearly poetry writing contest open to all Maine high school students and to all University of Maine undergraduate students. 

Clara-Eve's poem "Coach on my Left Sleeve" took home the 1st place prize, and Ali's poem "Hit" earned the 2nd place prize.

Clara-Eve and Ali were invited to read their winning poems at the Plunkett Poetry Festival on Friday, April 28 at UMA's campus, have their poems published on their website, and attend the Festival's keynote address and dinner.

Clara-Eve and Ali also shared their poems with our Kents Hill community at a morning meeting. "To have two Kents Hill students finish in the 1st and 2nd place spots is an unprecedented accomplishment, and I'm so elated, proud, and excited for these two students," said Mr. Chabot.

Clara-Eve Landry was also named one of 20 finalists in the Storm King School Poetry Festival Contest. The contest submissions included 182 poems written by 87 students at 21 schools, and this contest was open to all New England prep school students and public high school students local to Storm King School.

Clara-Eve's poem, "Because it Sounds Like Evacuate" was selected by judges and writers, Joanna Solfrian and Zoe Ryder White, and Clara-Eve was invited to Storm King School on Saturday, May 6 to have her work celebrated and read by the judges during the Festival itself. 

Clara-Eve's poem will also be published and anthologized in a collection of this year's winners. 

Our Creative Writing students have been submitting work to this annual contest since 2018. Clara-Eve is the 8th finalist KH has had in five years. 

Previous winners have included Ava K. '23, Jess L. '20, Ashalia B. '19, Arianna P. '19, Mike C. '18, Annie C. '18, and Tiffany M. '18.

1ST PLACE Winner

“Coach on My Left Sleeve” by Clara-Eve L. '23

The first time I wore a shirt with the word coach embroidered on the left sleeve 
a whistle tied to my neck
a medal not signifying victory, but power and authority
and to the vibration of one tweet, players race toward me, like a herd of bison.

The first time I wore a shirt with the word coach embroidered on the left sleeve, paralyzed 
behind the white line, like a statue, forbidden to run, kick, or dribble.
Mounted behind the bench, shouting commands, a way to cope with my grief, knowing
my days on the field are numbered.  

Watching them, I travel to the past 
A memory of myself, I see in the grin invading their faces 
At ease 
with a ball at my feet morphing into a part of me 

With the word coach on my left sleeve 
yearning for the days that age robbed me. 
How can I look back on the best years of my life, when I thought I just started living?
Now only memories, fading forever

The first time I wore a shirt with the word coach embroidered on the left sleeve
and I lose the grip on my emotions, 
left with guilt,
forgetting the number one rule is to have fun

The word coach replaced the number on my left sleeve,
my role has changed. They look up to me for guidance, 
but little do they know, I am learning just as much from them,
as they are from me

2ND PLACE Winner

“Hit” by Ali M.'23

The first time you can see your future clearly
Set for you like a dining room table.

The first time you tie the laces to your skates,
And strap the leather bounds too tight,
You feel the pinch in your calves

The first time you hear the pound of the puck against the once porcelain-white leather
And a black streak is left in its wake
And your eyes follow the rebound,

And the world goes quiet.
As the lines on your mask go away, your face goes hard,
And you're in it.

The first time you get hit with the rubberß
The dull sting of a powerful shot 
Whipping your head around to find the puck again

And you realize this is it, this is the moment 
where everything either changes or stays the same.

This is where you are meant to be.
Out on the ice, you smile.
And then the puck hits you.



Because it Sounds Like Evacuate

By Clara-Eve L.'23


The sound of suspenseful music slowly fills a room. It puts you on edge 

as you wonder, what's next

while an imposter creeps around wearing 

a black suit with a black bowtie, holding a black briefcase to blend in.  

To advesperate must mean to leave space like you were never there.

Like in the movies when a secret agent “shoulder rolls” out of sight to evade a space 

undercover on a secret mission, making impulsive decisions, 

avoiding the revelation of their identity 

The bitter taste of doing something you’re not supposed to do

on the tip of their toes and nobody knows and to advesperate is their only escape.


But to advesperate really means to draw towards evening.

As dusk falls deep below the burning clouds 

Earlier blue, now orange and pink, later dark 

Unique every day and everywhere the twilight drowns 

in the horizon and you can’t resist taking  

a picture with your phone that will never reflect the true beauty of the moment.  

As the sky begins to advesperate, it tastes like cotton candy and feels 

like the soft feathers of an owl. 

To advesperate is when the day goes to sleep and life dies for an instant, 

the end of a chapter, until the light comes again.

Time ticks slowly toward the night as the last glimmer of sunlight 

illuminates the sky and it's suddenly dark and it feels so quick like the flick of a light switch. 



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